Hillsong Global Senior Pastrix Preaches Passive-Aggressive Sermon Insulting Whole Church and Leadership

Hillsong’s acting Global Senior Pastrix Lucinda Dooley, who quite frankly is one of the worst ‘preachers’ we’ve ever heard, used the pulpit yesterday to take some potshots and criticize the leadership and direction of Hillsong church over the last few years, explaining that they’ve been dry and dead for around three and a half years, since early 2019 or so, (or around the time Houston spent the hour drunk in that woman’s room at the conference?)

Because she preaches about as well as a retarded monkey with a microphone taped to its hand, Dooley falsely claims that the words “dried out” actually mean ‘disgraced.’ You’re free to check out Strongs to see that this is not true at all, but she brings that in, as well as some assertions that this particular valley of dry bones would only conclude the skeletonization process after three and a half years, in order to fit her assertions.

She says that in the same way that the valley of dry bones was dead and disgraced for the last three and half years, so too has Hillsong been disgraced and dead. But now God is coming to bring life into them. Dooley proclaims:

Ezekiel Chapter 37. Israel in the story had wandered far from God. Israel had lost his way. Israel had given up its faith. That’s what was happening. So Israel had gone far from God and given up its faith. Israel had lost its way, and Israel had lost all hope.

And can you put yourself in that story? Sometimes we have lost our faith. We have wandered far from God, and we have lost hope. So we will find ourselves in this passage today.

The Lord took hold of me, he carried me away. He led me among the bones that covered the floor. They were scattered everywhere across the ground, and they were completely dried out.” Ezekial 37:1-2 NLT

They were scattered, and they were dried out. Do you know that word ‘dried out’? The word ‘dried out’ church, it actually means they were disgraced. They were disgraced.

Another meaning of the word ‘dried out’ is that they would have actually had to have been very, very dead. For bones to be dried out, they had to be dead for a minimum of three weeks. But more likely in this passage, it would have been three and a half years.

…And then it goes on and it’s really amazing. And it says Then he said, “Son of Man, these bones represent the people of Israel. Those bones represent Hillsong Church, they become old dry bones, but hope was gone. A nation has finished therefore I prophesied to them. And this is what the Sovereign Lord says, oh people I will only…

The video, by Hillsong Accountability, tacks on at the end the quote “…. know they tried to bury us but they didn’t realize that we were seeds.” – suggesting they don’t view themselves as very dry and dead things after all, but only when it’s convenient to make a point.

h/t to Hillsong Accountability.

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