Swat Team Respond En Masse to Pastor Steven Anderson’s Home after 911 Call

Controversial Arizona pastor Steven Anderson, the firebrand KJV-Onlyist from the 300-member Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ, was the victim of a dangerous prank call this past Monday after an anonymous caller phoned 911, claiming there were multiple dead bodies that he had shot and killed his wife.

Anderson, who is known for his rigorous Independent Fundamentalist Baptist theology, hatred of Calvinism, and open glee at the thought of homosexuals being killed, said law enforcement arrived on scene in overwhelming force, including helicopters over his home.

AZ Family reports:

(Wife) Zsuzsanna Anderson said it happened Monday afternoon while eight of her children were at the house and her husband was talking on a live podcast downstairs. Her kids were playing outside when they told her a helicopter was flying really close to their yard.

“I’m like, ‘yeah, no worries. I’m sure they’re looking for somebody,’” said Anderson. “Then the helicopter started saying something like surrender and come up with your hands up, and I’m like what? What is he talking about?”

She started recording the chopper but had no clue it was there for her family.

“An officer popped over the wall, and she’s like, ‘mam, I’m going to need you to go outside,” said Anderson. “I’m like, ‘you’re here for me?’ I’m like, ‘no, you have the wrong address.’” When Anderson got to the front of the house, she saw officers lining her street. “When I came to the door, I saw my 13-year-old walking out with her hands up, squad cars in a semi-circle around, doors open, officers there with riffles tried on her.”

She said officers patted her down, finding nothing, and later told her this all started when they got a welfare call for her house.

“The caller escalated and said, ‘oh, now he has a gun. This is Steven Anderson. He’s a pastor, and he’s just shot and killed his wife, and he’s saying he’s doing this in the name of God,’” said Anderson.

Swatting is extremely dangerous and is designed to terrorize its victims, with there being a not insignificant chance that someone could have died as a result. Given that Anderson is a lightning rod for controversy, he has no shortage of haters who may have called it in.

Anderson has the dubious distinction of being banned from 34 countries, including every English-speaking developed country. You don’t get to say things like “If I had a button right here on this pulpit, I could just push this button and every fag would just fall over dead. I would push it until it breaks,” without raising a few eyebrows.

Two years ago, Anderson’s videos were purged from many social media sites for violating their terms and conditions, with Anderson’s YouTube pages having uploaded nearly 7000 videos, which were watched by more than 135,000 subscribers, and resulting in over 100 million views.

Perhaps the most famous swatting incident occurred in Kansas. According to News Nation Now:

“A well-known victim of swatting was 28-year-old Andrew Finch who died in 2017 when he was fatally shot by law enforcement responding to a fake hostage threat in Wichita, Kansas….Finch, unaware his house was being raided by swat teams, answered the door to the swat teams and was shot by police.

….Tyler Rai Barriss…who was responsible for dozens of other swattings, pleaded guilty to 51 federal charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

9 thoughts on “Swat Team Respond En Masse to Pastor Steven Anderson’s Home after 911 Call

    1. Anderson is lothesome for sure, but he doesn’t deserve to be swatted, nor do his wife and children. I hope the culprit is brought to justice.

        1. Pastor Anderson is not the racist Nazi here, YOU are. Just admit that you have never listened to his sermons, and do not know of what you speak. I know it’s true, and so do you. You are echoing the words of the Devil himself by attacking a man of GOD.

          1. Amen, those who rail against him , are ignorant and just listen to sound bites against him picked by opponents.

          2. You fail logic 101.

            My megachurch pastor told me we need to bomb Russia and punch Nazis. This fundie creep is a nazi. He misrepresents the gospel as hate speech.

            Are you a Putin bot? Or just a fundie nazi yourself?

  1. Pastor Anderson preaches from the Word of God. You people who call him a Nazi are loathsome! I do not agree how Pastor Anderson comes across the way he addresses gays and lesbians but he does preach directly from the Word of God. The “low life” who called in the swat team should be charged with a felony and serve time in jail for this crime. Pastor Anderson’s wife and children and himself could have been killed or injured because of this fake call. I get so tired of people and the news media referring to this Pastor as controversial. Sure, at times he could come across in a more loving manner but he comes across as very forthright from what the Word of God states. I admire him for stating what is morally wrong. Our immoral society does not like to hear words of truth.

  2. Since Charles Spurgeon called Calvinism “a nickname for Christianity,” would Andersson consider him a heretic?

    Why does the Holy Spirit not give Anderson the ability to see was known as Calvinism reformed theology is the most accurate (and only) representation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If I’m wrong, then how come none of the heretical, word–faith teachers are Calvinists or monergists but rather synergists like Anderson?

    If he hates Calvinism then guess what? What’s more, he must be teaching salvation through the wide gate and guess what Jesus said about that in Matthew chapter 7 if our works are mixed with God’s grace.

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