Idaho Passes Strict ‘Texas-style’ Heartbeat Abortion Ban

Lawmakers in Idaho have followed Texas’ lead and enacted one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country, banning abortion after a heartbeat can be detected, usually at 6 weeks, and making it possible for certain people to sue any doctor who murders a baby in the womb. The bill passed both house and senate with wide support, and it is expected that Governor Brad Little will sign in.

In Texas, a year after the ban, abortions are down over 50%, with Planned Parenthood complaining about the lack of abortion access, a fact bemoaned by the President of Planned Parenthood herself, Alexis McGill Johnson, otherwise known as the apex-predator of the baby-killin’ world.

The bill, known as SB 1309, is a more daring and aggressive bill than what previously existed. Last year Idaho wimpishly passed a law that would ban most abortions after 6-weeks, but the bill would only come alive and be triggered if Roe V Wade were overturned. This new one isn’t waiting, however, and will become the law of the land as soon as signed.

The key difference between this law and the Texas one, which has the baby murderers ( You hear that, Karen Swallow Prior!? We called them ‘murderers’” so vexed, is that the Texas law allows anyone to sue the abortionists for damages, where this one limits that right to family members and relatives of the aborted baby.

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