SBC Prez Candidate Willy Rice Deletes Trump Article Days After Announcing Presidential Run

Southern Baptist Convention presidential candidate Willy Rice has deleted a blog article he wrote on his church website just days after announcing his presidential run, casting aspersions on Trump voters by comparing them to idolaters and Q-Anon conspiracy theorists, according to The Capstone Report, which broke the story.

The since-deleted article, which can be found here, is about events of January 6th at the Capitol building. While he explains his goal isn’t to “condemn those who may have supported or voted for President Trump,” he weighs down that toleration with a staggering amount of cautions for the Trump voter, lending the impression that he sorta does condemn it.

In essence, Rice functions in the role of the fox with its tail tied to torch, running in through a field on a mission to burn down all the strawmen. His view of the typical voter isn’t a pretty one, lamenting: “Many Christian leaders fawned over him in ways that should have made us queasy. We welcomed his support but overlooked his shortcomings. We became partisan connivers instead of biblical prophets.” Later he would describe all the ways evangelicals soiled their reputation while offering gems like:

“This current crisis of mission is the product of a toxic mix. It is a product of bad discipleship, horrific theology, and corrupted mission. It is as if Jesus did in fact bow down before Satan because he promised Him the kingdoms of the world.”

While some of the wild-eyed charismatics spoke of Trump in glowing terms and made cringey, kitschy art likening him to the Messiah, the vast majority of evangelicals did no such thing, nor were they unquestioningly blind to his many failings, despite what Rice may say.

The question emerges then- why delete this article now? Why would the church delete the article at this point in time?

It’s not because he repudiates it, is it? After all, it garnered the praise of some Top Men within the SBC.

Would it be untoward to speculate that he did so because he wants the ‘deplorable vote’ and this article getting out might throw a monkey wrench into his candidacy?

He wrote the article on January 15, 2021. He announced his bid to become SBC president on March 2, 2022. The article still existed on March 4, but sometime between the 4th and 15th, as his online history was being sifted and scrubbed of controversy and rickety skeletons, it disappeared.

I think we all know why.

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