SBC Woke Eating Their Own: Willy Rice’s Fired Deacon Pushed 1619 Project Wokeness

YouTube and Woke Preacher Clips (WPC) never fail to provide. This time, it’s a panel discussion at Willy Rice’s Calvary Church on race relations which took place just after the death of George Floyd.

While the video has been made private as Rice furiously attempts to scrub the internet of every bit of evidence of his wokeness (including removing blog posts about sexual abuse and his calling Trump supporters idolaters), WPC highlighted the most telling portions on a tweet thread, starting with the panel’s endorsement of Robin DiAngelo’s woke manual “White Fragility”:

Perhaps the most bizarre connection revealed in the panel videos was the presence of the guy WPC called “Jeff, a Calvary deacon.” While Jeff the Deacon parroted the “white guys stole land and labor” trope for the panel, I couldn’t help but notice that Jeff was the very same deacon recently removed from being a deacon at Calvary Church.

Apparently, a deacon faithfully producing fruit in keeping with true repentance (according to Rice) won’t save him from being thrown under the Willy bus, no matter how reliably woke the deacon apparently has become.

Worse, it seems Jeff the Deacon operates a charity whose mission is to fight fatherlessness (and hopefully preach the Gospel, although it’s not clear from the charity’s website), which is an honorable goal. Willy Rice’s cowardly decision to capriciously remove Jeff the Deacon from church ministry will likely have devastating consequences for this charity (which I am purposefully not naming) once the internet figures out the connection (which is guaranteed).

The right thing for Willy Rice to do when it became apparent that his deacon’s past was going to become a public issue would have been to either stand by his deacon (because if what Willy said in the video is true, scripture backs him up), or remove his name from consideration for the SBC presidency in the interest of protecting his church. Instead, Willy is furiously scrubbing evidence of his positions, associations, and doctrinal weakness from the internet (which we all know never works), and dragging his church family through the mud.

5 thoughts on “SBC Woke Eating Their Own: Willy Rice’s Fired Deacon Pushed 1619 Project Wokeness

  1. His is a gospel with which I’m not familiar.

    Eventually the religion of wokeism will implode on itself. Live by the sword, die by the sword. They will eventually destroy one another. Rice will be no exception. Matt. 7:2 comes to mind.

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