Patriarchy-Smashing Egalitarian Beth Allison Barr Submits to Angry White Biological Male

Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. Egalitarian author and professor Beth Allison Barr prides herself in opposing patriarchy in society and the church. If you ever need to find Barr, she is probably either engaged in an epic Twitter war with Denny Burk or hobnobbing with gal pal and fellow patriarchy-smasher Kristen Du Mez.

Recently, Du Mez and Barr engaged in an epic Twitter conversation with transexual exvangelical author Chrissy Stroop, a white biological male who reviewed Du Mez’s Book Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted A Faith and Fractured A Nation. Stroop’s Boston Globe review praised the book as “A Book that America Needs Now”, a praise that landed on the cover of the paperback edition of the book. Twitter commenters pointed out that when such a false view of Christianity is presented and so-called “Christian” authors look for praise from trannies, God’s judgement on the nation is evident.

Stroop was quick to accept the apologies of Du Mez and Barr for harassment at the hands of conservatives, praising Du Mez’s book as deserving of an excellent review on the basis of its scholarship. Many atheist leftist exvangelicals like Stroop praise the work of leftist “Christian” authors because they share mutual enemies in conservative evangelical circles. Stroop went on to praise Du Mez, Barr, and Jamar Tisby as “scholars” who are subject to “conservative, patriarchal evangelical bullying”.

Praising any of these leftist revisionists as “scholars” is equivalent to calling the New York Times 1689 Project a work of history, despite the fact that the project has been debunked as blatantly false multiple times. Jesus and John Wayne, The Making of Biblical Womanhood, and The Color of Compromise are all revisionist works that are closer to fiction than actual serious Biblical or historical scholarship.

The interaction between Stroop, Du Mez, and Bar had the atmosphere of a touchy-feely therapy session, as Stroop fawned over the attention and empathy of the leftist authors, and Du Mez and Barr relished the fact that someone who writes for a leftist rag gave Du Mez a positive review. Things took an interesting turn when Beth Allison Barr made a statement about agreeing to disagree:

You can disagree with life choices made by other people; you can disagree with their theology; you can disagree with their political alignment; you can disagree with their endorsement of a book.

Triggered by the possibility that someone could disagree with a man’s decision to change his name and play dress-up as a girl, the tolerant patriarchy smashing tranny went off on Barr.

After receiving the criticism of Stroop, Barr apologized profusely for asserting the idea that people could possibly disagree. In what may now be one of the most ironic posts in the leftist “Christian” realm of the Twittersphere of 2022, a rabidly anti-patriarchy leftist woman who claims to be a Christian submitted to a white biological male tranny who pulled the tranny-trauma trump card. Beth Allison Barr lives for intersectionality, pushing ideology that aligns with Critical theory of every form. In her interaction with Stroop, Barr discovered that when it comes to the intersectional twitter Olympics, no one trumps a tranny. Those who live by intersectionality will die by intersectionality.

Editor’s Note. This is a guest post by Paul Brown, written for Protestia


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5 thoughts on “Patriarchy-Smashing Egalitarian Beth Allison Barr Submits to Angry White Biological Male

  1. Isn’t it ironic that Christians will get labeled bigots for what we believe because it goes against what the Liberal Loonies believe. Yet, it’s okay for them to hate on us with impunity and no one bats an eye. Just like Jesus says in Luke’s gospel, “You will be hated by all for my name’s sake.”

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  4. In other words: “You must deny God and His Word, and substitute my standards and my rules and my demands, accepting, endorsing, and affirming my ‘life choices’ and ‘my truth’ instead, and if you refuse to comply I will kill myself”

    Uh huh, if that were true, you’d already be dead. Look here, child, if you present me with a choice of either submitting to God or submitting to you, then guess which I will choose.

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