‘Jesus and John Wayne’ Cover Endorsement is from Trans Exvangelical Activist

We’ve written a bit about Kristen Kobes Du Mez’s ‘Jesus and John Wayne’ book before. Du Mez is a rising star in certain more progressive circles and usually is mentioned in the one-two punch alongside Jemar Tisby and his Color of Compromise (never forget, that Tisby literally went to work for Ibram X Kendi) as books shaping the modern-day evangelical discourse. On account of this book she gained multiple accolades and much praise from #BigEva elites, who celebrate and laud her for her keen insights into the nuances of the Christian faith, despite the fact that, among her many other vexatious idiosyncracies, she is LGBTQ affirming.

Yesterday on Twitter Phillip Derrida pointed out another interesting factoid about this book, which is the selling endorsement plastered right on the front cover of the recent reissue of the book: Chrissy Stroop of the Boston Globe, who writes that this is “the book America needs right now.“*

But who is this endorser, and why would they think America needs this book?

Chrissy Stroop’s real name/ birth name is Chris. He is a man who is elbows deep into the process of “transitioning into a woman” after coming out three years ago. He’s an out-and-out pagan who is the creator of the viral hashtags #EmptyThePews, #ChristianAltFacts, and #ExposeChristianSchools, as well and author of the book “Empty the Pews” which celebrates stories of evangelicals leaving the faith and the church.

Prominent in the ‘exvie’ movement, nearly every post or article he writes is in some way critical of Christianity and the scriptures, and the culmination of his life at this post involves warring against the church and seeking to dissuade people from believing what it contains.

He is the one featured prominently on the cover as the primary, selling endorser.

Now ask yourself why that is, why he would want everyone to read this book.

Editor’s Note. Here is the full review, and here is the fuller quote in context:

“It is impossible to do justice to the richness of “Jesus and John Wayne” in a short review, but one of the key points the book stresses is that as Christian nationalists, the vast majority of white evangelicals believe that our country’s flourishing depends on aggressive male leadership. The pervasive abusive patterns of white evangelical subculture replicate themselves on a large social scale in the Christian Right’s politics. Since understanding this will be crucial if Americans are to have a functional democratic future, “Jesus and John Wayne” is a book that America needs now. I hope it will be widely read.”

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    1. Doesn’t matter what the Bible says, huh, Johnny boy? Did Jesus tell the woman at the well to go back to her lover after having 5 husbands and that that was okay? You probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Why are people like you so nasty? (Well, I know that answer – sin is an ugly thing especially one which you refuse to repent.) Now back to your misery.

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