Facebook Continues to Remove Babylon Bee Posts for ‘Hate Speech’

The censorious social media giant Facebook has removed another Babylon Bee post, declaring that the satiric article violated their community standards on hate speech and that further account restrictions could result in them being deplatformed.

The offending post in question was their “Trans Woman Breaks Jeopardy Record, Proving Once And For All That Men Are Smarter Than Women” which poked fun and pointed out that the ‘trans ‘woman’ Amy Schnerider is actually a man, writing

“As a biological male, Schneider is once again proving the vast superiority of the male intellect,” said MIT researcher Dr. Yamblo Figlenstrogg. “For better or for worse, this will be a huge boost for sexists and transphobes everywhere!”

Audience members were reportedly in awe to find that Schneider’s dress and pretty hair did not negatively affect the functioning of her brilliant male brain.”


“Unfortunately, Schnieder’s Jeopardy streak was tragically cut short after being completely stumped by tonight’s “3rd Grade Biology” category.”

In response to the infraction, Babylon Bee Ceo Seth Dillon told Not the Bee:

“We’re going to appeal this.

Remember how Facebook recently rolled out new rules stipulating that “real satire” cannot “punch down”? Are they really willing to say that defending women against a male takeover of their records is “punching down” and – even worse – “hate speech”? We’re going to find out.”

3 thoughts on “Facebook Continues to Remove Babylon Bee Posts for ‘Hate Speech’

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