Faux Conservative David French Pushes Wild Christian Nationalist Conspiracy Theories

David French, a self-proclaimed “conservative” Christian commentator has proven himself to be quite the opposite of conservative, especially over the past 6 years. David could be called a conservative in the same sense that Francis Collins is called a “Christian Scientist”, Stephen Colbert is called a “Christian Witness”, and Arius of Alexandria is called a “Church Father”. All of these labels are false advertising, of course, but many are duped by French’s “conservative” label and position in Big-Eva.

New York Times Columnist David Brooks, recently described French as one of the “Dissenters trying to save Evangelicalism from itself”, a title that begs the question, “What will French save us from?” Leftist publications like the New York Times and The Atlantic regard French as a conservative, which means that everyone to his right must be a theological fundamentalist or politically alt-right, as of course leftist publications have an excellent track record of keeping accurate weights and measures.

Alongside his friends in leftist media, French pushed the leftist Never-Trump narrative of the Trump-Russia Collusion scandal throughout Trump’s presidency. The collusion narrative that has been maintained by leftists over the past six years remains one of the greatest conspiracy theories of the last decade, a conspiracy theory on par with QAnon. Despite the fact that Trump has been out of office for more than a year, he continues to live rent-free in French’s head. In a recent post on the “French Press”, French alleges that Trump-supporting “Christian Nationalists” on the far-right are infiltrating churches to create a “potentially insurrectionary subculture”. French believes that right-wing revolutionaries are conspiring in churches, with offerings such as:

“The Seeds of Political Violence Are Being Sown in Church.

The new insurrection is being organized, in a sanctuary near you.”

Christians with a very basic understanding of scripture reject the notion that political idolatry is acceptable, despite the fact that some “pastors” cross the line and fall into political idolatry on a regular basis. However, French’s accusation of a widespread right-wing church-organized insurrection is so ludicrous and lacking in hard evidence that it qualifies as a bona-fide conspiracy theory, equivalent to the likes of the Trump-Russia Collusion and QAnon conspiracies.

French has bought into two conspiracy theories in the past six years, qualifying him as a tin-foil hat-wearing nut job. French is busy tilting at windmills to protect Evangelicalism from itself. Where is The Gospel Coalition’s conspiracy theory interventionist Joe Carter when you need him? French’s friends in Big-Eva don’t have the ability to punch left. They can only punch right. The double standard is real.

Editor’s Note. This is a guest post by Paul Brown
Sources: Opinion | Can These Evangelicals Save Their Movement? – The New York Times (nytimes.com) , The Seeds of Political Violence Are Being Sown in Church (thedispatch.com)

12 thoughts on “Faux Conservative David French Pushes Wild Christian Nationalist Conspiracy Theories

    1. True evangelicals stand with Biden and stand with vaccines and masks and war against evil Putin, who is Hitler 2. If you are against such policies you are a traitor and stand with domestic terrorists. It’s that simple 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  1. French is loving his role as a hammer in the hands of progressives that they can use to beat up Christians. And he’s probably being well rewarded for it. A self proclaimed evangelical who will kill other evangelicals is exactly what they can use. It’s become his professional niche. Don’t expect it to lessen anytime soon. In fact, expect to get more and more outrageous. As long as his articles spark debate in evangelicalism and anyone pays attention to him, it’ll just go on and on and get worse and worse as his handlers push the envelope further and further. I predict it ends with French chronicling his deconstruction from evangelicalism. Isn’t that a hip thing to do these days?

    I hope that’s what he does. I pray for the purification of the church daily. I pray for the conversion of these snakes or the death of their influence. I considered Russell Moore’s leaving a win. leaving I hope Big Eva types all repent or leave.

    1. Except his history is wrong. He should go read The Pink Swastika, Table Talk, books along those lines, and educate himself on what they actually were and believed. Most all of the SA were homosexual, including it’s founder Ernst Rohm.

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