Bill Johnson’s Wife, Beni, Takes a Turn for the Worse

Several months ago, Bethel Church Head Honcho Bill Johnson announced that his wife Beni Johnson was starting new rounds of chemotherapy, the result of several cancerous tumors being revealed by a CT scan inside her body after a season of prolonged illness. Beni was previously diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, and this news to the congregation prompted lead prophet Kris Vallotton to tell the congregation to pray and insist that divine health is their ‘portion.’

Unfortunately, things have only worsened since then, with Church leaders making a public plea during their recent February 6 Sunday service, calling on their members and believers worldwide to pray for his wife, who has not been sleeping and has been having trouble breathing, in what he described as a “serious situation.”

“Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete. So that’s just a little overview of the grace that we need to pray persistently for important things. And what I want to call you to right now is, say, taking this general topic and moving it to something specific and concrete, is I really want to invite us as a congregation to move in persistent prayer for Bill and for Beni. I want us to give heaven no rest until Beni is completely healed. Totally healed. Totally, he’ll give Beni the bread of healing.

…So I’m always trying to take my cues from Bill. You know, he’s just humble, and he’s kind of quiet about the situation they’re facing. But listen, this is a serious situation. Beni’s health is a serious situation. And when I get a text, I’m so appreciative of the text that you sent. But he’s like, ‘last night was a tough night. She didn’t sleep too well. She’s not breathing too well.’ Listen, beloved, this is unjust, that our matriarch, that Beni is actually being robbed of her sleep, and having difficulty breathing. This is not as it should be.”

The church has also set up a 24/7 prayer calendar

CT Today reported years ago during her first diagnosis that in 2017 “Beni Johnson revealed she had a heavenly encounter with Jesus in the spirit and gained access to healing power over cancer” and told the congregants to begin grabbing the healing power of cancer “out of heaven” as a means of obtaining healing.

Last year during a Q&A Bill Johnson explained that “It is always God’s will to heal everyone” and that he never prays “if it be your will to heal”, as that is a prayer for unbelief, given that God has already revealed to Johnson that’s it’s always his will.

11 thoughts on “Bill Johnson’s Wife, Beni, Takes a Turn for the Worse

  1. While I wish no hard feelings for anyone in this story, Bethel has completely lost sight that all humans are mortal and will die. And along the way to death the body falls apart. Perhaps with all the celebrity and commotion over her eventual passing, either from cancer soon or something else later, their “theologians” and parishioners will take a look at some of their fallacious doctrines and either repent or skeedaddle to a more orthodox church.

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    2. I wish they would look at their doctrines, but my guess is that they will not. I remember someone that was aligned with a church with these beliefs tell me that, “We know God wants to heal everyone. We just have to learn how to apply that.” That was after someone in the congregation had just died from cancer after many prayers for healing failed to produce the desired result.

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  5. We are to pray if we are suffering from something other than sickness, according to James 5: 13-15. If we are sick then we are not to pray as with other suffering; instead, the Elders are to pray OVER the sick person, presumably as Jesus taught, to be consistent with the healing accounts in the Gospels and Acts, taking authority over the malady and the unclean spirits, and the sick person SHALL be healed. Verse 16 says that the sick person, for his part, is to also pray for others so that he, the sick person will realize this healing and forgiveness. See also the same prescription in Job 42:10.

    Since Satan’s oppression is the problem as the Gospel accounts demonstrate, and not God’s reluctance to see us healed, as the James verses indicate, and as Jesus’ healing all who came to Him confirm, consistently pressing God in prayer to do something more when someone falls ill seems to be a misguided human tradition, at best. I’m surprised this church does not understand this…

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  8. Stunning how “wise” people become in observing someone else’s ordeal dealing with sickness. Two huge mistakes appear. One: Yes, all will die if Jesus doesn’t return first. But tell me where Scripture teaches that they must die of a disease. Can’t they just stop breathing? Two: So many structure their theology around their experience. The Bible does nor gives us the liberty to do so. The result is that we build a doctrine around what DIDN’T happen for someone else. I don’t pretend to understand all the implications of God’s Word and our experiences. But that doesn’t change God’s Word; it is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” It teaches God’s will to heal all humans. I don’t understand the exceptions, but that doesn’t change God’s Word.

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