Beth Moore Blasts Pastor Over Viral Modesty Tweet + ‘Bra’ Comments

Feminists and progressive xtians came out of the woodwork with sharpened knives and even sharper tongues a couple of days ago, their unmentionables twisted in a bunch and their hands shaking with rage after Brian Sauvé, a pastor at Refuge Church in Ogden, found himself on the giving end of a viral tweet that was trending on Twitter, lauding the importance of modesty amongst Christian women, writing:

Despite being perfectly reasonable and unobjectionable, the message was ratioed into the ground, with the who’s who of the egalitarian left (let’s one honest here, there’s no egalitarian right) downvoting that sucker into oblivion.

Sadly, most of his nearly 22k replies involved wenchy women protesting by posting immodest pictures of themselves, including the official Adidas account, which proffered a whole collage of breasts. They were joined by Concerned Male Allies™, joining the fray to White Knight and virtue-twerk their Karing Kristian Kreds about what an awful thing it was to say, and that real Christian men would never dare post such a thing. There were some exemptions, though.

Enter Beth Moore, who in a now-deleted post, just had to say something:

These posts were quickly followed up with further chastisements, tacitly defending Christian women posting pictures of their bikinis and bras, and saying that his pronouncement made her skin crawl. She rejoined by telling all the brother pastors out there that they need to leave the words “bra” and “underwear” out of their preaching vocabulary, on account of how objectionably sanctimonious it makes them.

Thankfully, he took her critique for what it was, showing off that spine of steel that the Lord has wrought in him, and that he knows her game quite well.

And later, more standing for truth against the rest of his critics:

Hats off to you, Brian. Endorsed!

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13 thoughts on “Beth Moore Blasts Pastor Over Viral Modesty Tweet + ‘Bra’ Comments

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  1. Ahem, so it’s not the content that she deems to be the problem but the fact that it was said by a man.

    Yet give her five minutes, let the subject matter change, and she’ll argue it’s the content that matters, not whether or not a woman is saying it from the pulpit.

    It would be hilarious were it not for the fact that people are being led to eternal damnation.

    She’s made more of a fool of herself, undermined her own arguments, and doesn’t even know what she’s done. But that’s what happens when you rebel against God and His Word, and lean on your own understanding. It’s never long before you show your stupidity. Or worse, in this case – find yourself on the same side as the porn industry.

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  2. Identity politics and the oppression olympics have made it practically impossible for us to communicate about subjects we have not experienced. Can a white person talk about race? Can a man discuss abortion, modesty, or teen pregnancy? Can a wealthy person address poverty or a healthy person talk about sickness? If we are limited to discussing only those matters that we have personally experienced, we are worse off for it, because one of the marks of intelligence and critical thinking and problem solving is the ability to deal with issues we have not experienced, but have read about, studied, considered, and explored through the lens of the knowledge we have acquired from others. I don’t have to murder someone to tell you it’s wrong.

  3. Well, Beth Moore got one thing right – she doesn’t speak for me. I agree with Brian’s common sense comments. I’m just as disgusted as he is with the immodesty that women parade in front of the whole world. They follow every current fashion trend – although there’s no fashion to it. No brain to think for themselves and design their own personal tastes. No, got to look like everybody else. I personally despise the way women “dress” today, whether they’re fit and trim or fat and flabby. I despise that they prefer skin tight ugly leggings to attractive dresses and skirts, befitting a respectable woman. They hate their role and instructions for living declared by God. Women also need to take responsibility for causing men to lust due to their purposeful trying to be sexy appearance. Just voicing my personal opinions, since the subject came up.

    1. Amen and unfortunately for Beth Moore the Bible does say that it is also our responsibility NOT to help lead men down the path of destruction (lust) by dressing modestly. This is not MY theology, this is GOD’s theology, she needs to read a Bible. Never would I suggest that it’s a woman’s fault for a man who acts upon his lust against a woman however, we do have a responsibility not to make it any more difficult for them. That also includes skin tight pants. There are some things that should be left to the imagination — your complete body shape and every curve you possess definitely falls within this category. Sheesh I can’t believe she even calls herself a Christian– this is really very simple. READ YOUR BIBLE. She does not speak for me!

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