Rapper Lecrae Loses Tour Dates After He Posts about ‘Deconstructing’

Rapper Lecrae has begun to feel the sting of his recent semi-public theological deconstruction, with one discerning promoter canceling one of his shows on account of statements he has made in social media lamenting a version of Christianity he finds distasteful and beneath him.

This was surely bound to happen. Lecrae claims that he’s been deconstructing his faith, and in fact had to do so because the alternative was losing his faith altogether. He told the Christian Post:

“I went through reconstruction and that’s what a lot of people don’t talk about. They miss that one. Deconstruction is not a bad thing if it leads to reconstruction. Sometimes you have to demolish a building that has mold and then build something else on that foundation. We’re not getting rid of the foundation. The foundation is Christ. But we’re building on that foundation and tearing down some things that were unnecessary.”

Lecrae assures his listeners that he’s been reconstructing it too, but his reconstruction has resulted in bad fruit.

Need evidence of this? Look at his view of church and the ecclesiology he possesses.

Years ago Lecrae was stressing the importance of attending church and being an active, participatory member of a church body.

He would have described it as gathering with a group of fellow believers, under the authority of pastors and elders, where there is worship, preaching, communion, fellowship, and church discipline. This was Lecrae’s view when he was the golden boy of the reformed movement, prior to deconstructing and before he tore down things that were “unnecessary”.

After his ‘reconstruction’ he holds a much different picture on what the church is and its function and purpose. He recently said that going to church might look like going to an album release party, where people hang out listening to music, eating friend chicken and getting tattoos.

A few days later, he explained that church can be a bunch of people just hanging out in a home, or hanging out on a tour bus talking, laughing, and “chopping it up.”

That’s just his view on the church. What else has he deconstructed and reconstructed on?

What other shows might he lose if we were truly honest about his beliefs?

For the record, not for nothing, but we’ve been warning about Lecrae since 2015, back when he was the golden boy. Call us prescient or prophetic if you want- we just call it discerning.

10 thoughts on “Rapper Lecrae Loses Tour Dates After He Posts about ‘Deconstructing’

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  1. It is tragic that Lecrae and so called “worship leaders”, whose own faith is so tenuous, function like priests for so many young people, leading them into what they believe is an encounter with God or a valid worship experience. I think it is significant that Acts 2:42 (a concise summary of early church practice) does not include praise and worship music.

      1. Why did you assume that I called Lecrae a worship leader? Had I written “Lecrae and OTHER so called “worship leaders”, then you could have correctly assumed that I called Lecrae a worship leader.

  2. This individual is just another narcissistic opportunist – one of many enriching themselves off of naive and undiscerning believers. Without God’s blessing, he will fail.

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