Man Who Calls Joel Osteen a ‘Piece of S—‘ To his Face has been Fired

A man has been fired after posting a video of himself cozying up to Joel Osteen, who’d met out in public at random, and telling the prosperity preacher ” “Hey man, you know you’re a piece of s—, right?”

In the video, which has been viewed over 6.5 million times, Osteen merely laughs a bit uncomfortably and then walks away, prompting the insulter, Nick, to mug for the camera and say “He knows.” 


Sound still has potential…. Got taken down for bullying #joelosteen #notbullying #happyholidays #fyp #blowthisup @worldstar @hasandpiker

♬ original sound – Nick & Soph

Two days later, he posted another video, explaining that he’d been fired from his job for the insult, noting “And with all that attention, I got fired this morning. So if anybody wants to buy me that beer, now would be a good time.” He did not elaborate on where or who he worked for, only revealing “It wasn’t my employer’s fault. Some outside forces came into play, if you know what I mean.” 


Well this escalated quickly…. #fired #joelosteen #heknows #thanksforurlove #fyp @H3 Podcast @Complex @The Daily Show

♬ original sound – Nick & Soph

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