‘Pastor’ Greg Locke Claims Legitimate Miracles Happening at Church

During his recent church service “Pastor” Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, TN claimed that their church was experiencing legitimate miracles, after one of their pastors was anointing chairs with oil and claimed that much like the ever-replicating fish and loaves of bread in John 6, the oil kept on coming despite the bottle being completely empty.

Readers of Protestia will recognize Locke as the foul-mouthed, spouse-abusing-and-abandoning, Tennessee “pastor” who notoriously divorced his wife of two decades and quickly married his secretary, claimed that “Mitch McConnell is being controlled by Illuminati hand signals,” threatened a Dunkin’ Donuts worker with kicking his teeth down his throat, and put up signs telling potential visitors” If you Come to Church in a Mask, I’ll Kick you Out.”

It’s for this reason that we at Protestia don’t believe a word he says, as we operate under the premise that the Lord does not give miraculous sign gifts to confirm the ministry of unrepentant adulterers with ratchet theology. Still. he claims:

“Pastor Danny…came out and he hugged me, and he had big tears in his eyes. He said, ‘I believe I just witnessed a miracle, Lord.’… and he began to talk about the 10 virgins and how they weren’t prepared and not as equally prepared as they thought.

But he had a little bottle of oil, a little vial of oil. And God told him to come into this tent, and we got people that pray over every chair, but God told him to touch every single chair under this tent with that oil. Just to put it on his finger and put the oil on the back of the chair and keep praying and keep walking.

And he said he got-somebody saw it- he said he got halfway through last night, and he didn’t bring (unintelligible) and didn’t prepare enough. So his bottle was empty.

And he showed it to me. It’s as hollow as a gourd. Empty. Nothing in it. There weren’t no residue laying in the bottom- It’s empty. But he felt like the Holy Spirit said ‘I told you to anoint all the chairs, so just keep doing it.’

Now if I’m lying I’m done. This man was torn all to pieces, he said “I just saw a miracle from the Lord, pastor...I got halfway through, my bottle was empty, but God said ‘keep on going…so I put my finger on it..and there would be a little oil on it. I put on a chair… I put my finger on it. there’d be some oil”

He did the rest of the tent and never ran out of oil with an empty bottle, praise God. I’m telling you- God’s got enough, he’s got enough. He’s got enough for his children. Am I telling the truth man of God? I’m telling the truth. And I’m telling you as much as they would when they wanted seconds, they got fourths. He gorged him up, fed them good.”

h/t to Doctrinal Watchdog


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