A Statement from JD Hall: Regarding Greg Locke’s Lawsuit Threat Against Him, Newsweek, CNN


Prior to opening Sunday’s Red Pill Expo several weeks ago with a sermon, a fellow speaker mentioned your name only briefly in a remark about his interactions at the mostly peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. I booed your name. I did not boo because I didn’t like the protest or the speaker. I just booed your name out of the sheer principle of it.

That was the last time I thought about your insufferable presence, of which I am only made aware when you say something so outrageously stupid it winds up as fodder in the mainstream media which is universally used to impugn all Christian patriots as abject morons.

So then, when you said recently in a “sermon” that you were going to sue me, one of my writers, and my publication for “all your stinking lies about our church all these years,” and added, “I know you’re watching right now, you stinking cowards,” I assure you I wasn’t. I found out because your rants were written about in The Friendly Atheist, which is easily as much as a Christian blog as you are a Christian pastor (at least they advertise honestly).

They wondered aloud what article we’ve recently written that has up your ire, but the truth is there is none. You’ve grown largely irrelevant, except as a persistent pun used by Mainstream Media against legitimate Christian freedom-lovers, ever since we exposed your moral scumbaggery.

If you recall (and I’m sure you do), our journalist exposed your affair with your church secretary (a woman whose wedding you officiated and then later counselled to divorce her husband). To do so, we had limitless accounts of your adulterous relationship from your (now former) church members and local community. You called us liars at the time and swore there was nothing to it. You then admitted to your church that indeed you had fallen in love with your secretary, but it was only after you put your wife on a bus to a homeless shelter and justified divorcing her for an alleged mental illness.

We sent a reporter to interview your wife (we still have the audio), who told the tale and gave us photographic images of you telling her to go “f&## herself,” while you were living it out adulterously with your mistress. If your memory fails, the article is here, and the rest of them are here.

I can understand you’re sore. I was able to catch up with the persecuted Pastor Artur from Canada by providential appointment, who was on his way to your church to speak. I gave him two admonitions: (1) make sure to make the Gospel the main point of his talks and (2) Greg Locke is not qualified to be a pastor. Knowing Artur, I presume he rebuked you to your face. From time to time, your adultery still comes up, like when we were able to get CRTV to drop your planned program after filling them in on your low moral character.

You’re an angry little banty rooster who has threatened to beat up my reporters, random Dunkin Doughnut employees, and host of others including your wife. You’re mad. I get it. And considering you fail the pastoral qualifications of being a one-woman man (1 Timothy 3:2), it’s no surprise you fail in pastoral qualifications as not being a brawler (1 Timothy 3:3).


You’re not going to sue me for several reasons. Let me lay them out quickly:

  1. You lie. A lot. I presume this was a random outburst of habitual lying that occupies the place ordinarily reserved for preaching. I’ve learned a long time ago that those who threaten to sue you...don’t. Bark, no bite.
  2. Truth is the ultimate defence against libel. We have only told the truth.
  3. Defamation of Character requires you to have character to defame.
  4. I live in Montana, with the strongest journalism shield law in the United States (thank you to Rep. Zolnikov), so you’d have to make it Federal. You’re too broke to do that, and neither would it work.
  5. I would love the power of subpoena in a lawsuit. Once the thought crosses your mind: I can subpoena your wife, former co-pastor (who has now blown the whistle on you), and countless others. I’m certain you would reconsider.

Here’s the thing, man. I hate Big Tech media bias, too. That’s why I helped promote three anti-Big Tech bills in the Montana legislature. I’ve been banned by almost all our technological overlords and had to start The Insurgency email list to get people banned news sent directly to their inbox. That was a necessity after being “fact-checked” by Big Tech for our factual and accurate reporting that Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists who were setting fires to our national forests. Or for referring to Bruce Jenner as a “man” (shame on me). Or banned for using “scare-quotes” around the term “transgender.” Or for pointing out election irregularities that can only be explained by coordination, the inefficacy of masking, and/or the mass stupidity surrounding the COVID-19 “pandemic” that killed about the same number as the seasonal flu.

The odd thing in all of this is that you and I share a good deal of political convictions, with the exception of me abstaining from riotously stupid conspiracy theories like pedophile tunnels beneath Washington D. C. or finding Illuminati symbols in literally everything.

We have another similarity. I have found Newsweek to accurately cite my words (thank you journalist, Paul Bond). Ditto for the New York Times (thank you journalist, Sam Kestenbaund). And heck, even the Daily Beast has accurately cited my words (no one who works there is a journalist, so I’m not sure who to thank) while at the same time trying to flay me alive in palpably biased commentary. However, the biased commentary of these publications is everything I live to breathe and fight against. And in America, you can’t sue someone because you don’t like their commentary, and you sure can’t sue them because you don’t like their facts.

Nobody has lied about you, Greg. They’ve just accurately cited your words, which happen to be bat-poop crazy about half the time. The other half of the time your words are okay. Clearly, the Mainstream Media is going to focus on the latter, and then their commentary is going to be leftward. Is this new to you? It’s not new to me, who has invested in my own news sites, newspapers, podcasts, and terrestrial radio stations to use the media for God instead of the devil.

But there is another difference between us, and of this I want to be clear:

You get in front of Christian audiences to preach politics. I get in front of political audiences to preach Christ.

Greg, you’re an ecclesiastical parasite and a theological tapeworm that needs to be expelled in one foul bowel movement of the church. You are 100% qualified to make political rants; you are not qualified to make them as a pastor because you are not qualified for that position.

For every Greg Locke there are ten-thousand qualified men of God who’ve never put their wife on a bus to a homeless shelter to fornicate with his secretary. If the political world wants a man of God to speak, start first by finding one.

That man is not you, Greg Locke.

Editor’s Note: H/T to the Scallawags at the Friendly Atheist.


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16 thoughts on “A Statement from JD Hall: Regarding Greg Locke’s Lawsuit Threat Against Him, Newsweek, CNN

  1. A man is known as much by his enemies as his friends. I wish Locke hated me, also.
    Greg Locke is yet another godless, self-sanctimonious, narcissistic opportunist masquerading as a pastor – one of many such wolves that are poisoning the church and leading naive and undiscerning Christians astray.

  2. Brother Hall, I do surmise that you flattened this charlatan like a freight train flattening a Prius!

  3. BS, You’ve been ragging onLocke for at least three years which says you think about him more than you claim. You’re either envious or jawwagging or both. Could it be that his church and platform continue to grow and you can’t draw enough folks to have a pot luck ?

      1. Wrong Sherlock. Just calling a spade a spade. If JD had to writee a novel to go after the man, he’s in his head for sure.

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