Greg Locke Makes a Promise: If you Come to Church in a Mask, I’ll Kick you Out

‘Pastor’ Greg Locke of  Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, TN, was in rare form at church yesterday, amped up by the anger of knowing that the big conference he was supposed to speak at with My Pillow’s Mike Lindell and Trump’s former lawyer Jenna Ellis is in danger of falling through, after we at Protestia exposed it for what it is, causing the headliners to pull out and leave Greg with a bunch of oneness Pentecostals and other degenerates left to fill the seats.

Doing his high-energy hoopla show, he warned any congregation members, guests, or any future visitors who may want to attend services one day, that if they ever dare to come to church in a mask or attempt to social distance, he’ll kick them out.

Don’t believe this ‘Delta Variant’ nonsense. STOP IT! Stop it. I know Right Watch Watch (is) watching and I don’t care. If they go through round two and you start showing up in all these masks and all this nonsense, I’ll ask you to leave. I WILL ASK YOU TO LEAVE! I am not playing these Democrat games up here in this church. IF YOU WANT TO SOCIAL DISTANCE THEN GO TO FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH BUT DON’T COME TO THIS ONE. I’M DONE WITH IT. I SAID I’M DONE WITH IT. I ain’t playing these stupid games.

Prior to that, the perennial sheep-beater was last seen telling his church that anyone who tries to deny the existence of tunnels under the White House or Capitol Building that were uncovered by the military and used to house both live and dead children, is just as complicit in the abuse as “crack-smoking perverts.”

It seems that Locke is becoming some sort of Dr. Frankenstein, looking to create his perfect monstrous congregants who believe everything he does and thinks the same way he wants, banishing anyone to the fate of having to attend First Baptist Church if they step out one line. We don’t suspect any of his flock are going anywhere, however. If you stick with Locke after all he’s done, it becomes clear that he is a judgment from God upon them, and they a judgment upon him.

h/t to Right Wing Watch for the video clip.

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13 thoughts on “Greg Locke Makes a Promise: If you Come to Church in a Mask, I’ll Kick you Out

  1. If he is a heretic, he’s right about the lies and where the fright and fascist control agendas are coming from. I sure do like his stance on the planneddemic lt is definitely, mostly as in 99.9ish, coming from leftists. dont understand why you are up on him for this correct stance. If he is a heretic call him out for that.

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