Greg Locke’s Church Chants ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ During Service

Yesterday Morning, “Pastor” Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, TN let a guest pastor take the pulpit for a brief spin, resulting in a shameful cheer by congregants of the deceived church.

Readers of Protestia will recognize Locke as the foul-mouthed, spouse-abusing-and-abandoning, Tennessee “pastor” who notoriously divorced his wife of two decades and quickly married his secretary, claimed that “Mitch McConnell is being controlled by Illuminati hand signals,” threatened a Dunkin’ Donuts worker with kicking his teeth down his throat, and recently said that if you deny the existence of tunnels under the White House or Capitol Building that were uncovered by the military and used to house both live and dead children, you’re just as complicit in the abuse as “crack-smoking perverts.” All that when he was not putting up signs telling potential visitors” If you Come to Church in a Mask, I’ll Kick you Out.”

During the morning service, Mark Burns of Harvest Praise & Worship Center in South Carolina, as well as a political candidate for congress and co-founder of the NOW Television Network, took the opportunity on stage to lead the congregation in a spirited chant of “Let’s Go Brandon”- a phrase designed to be a stand-in for the coarser and profane “Fu– Joe Biden’- in the middle of his sermon.

Is anybody who’s ready to get rid of Joe Biden, we got to get rid of Joe Biden. We got to get rid of them. We got to get rid of. God help me. Lord, we got to get rid of them. We got to get rid of Kamala Harris. Anybody got to stand with me Global? Is anybody going to stand with me?

And can I say somethingt that’s very controversial. We should live in a country where our grown women should be allowed to go into a woman’s bathroom without being (unintelligible) by a grown man wearing a dress, pretending to be a woman.

…Globe, are you going to sit back and let that nasty evil mess take over our country? This is why we need leaders.

(Let’s go Brandon chant)

Globe I feel like I’m in the right church today. I’m in the right church.”

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9 thoughts on “Greg Locke’s Church Chants ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ During Service

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  2. This is potentially a violation of federal law, specifically the Johnson Amendment. Not the chanting, mind you, but the political candidate specifically stumping against another candidate in a church. Besides that, it’s a hot mess.

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