Kent ‘Dr. Dino’ Hovind Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for Domestic Assault

Months after Kent Hovind’s ex-girlfriend took an order of protection against the disgraced creationist, claiming that he physically abused her by ‘body-slamming her’ and has engaged in a pattern of psychological torture and gaslighting, making her fear for her life, he has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for domestic violence, according to Robert Baty, a perennial critic of Hovind.

Hovind, also known as Dr. Dino, has a creation ministry of sorts that is run through his Alabama-based Dinosaur Adventure Land; a somewhat decrepit touristy destination where people can camp and explore the trails on ATVs and visit his creation exhibits. Routinely expressing and advocating for sovereign citizen conspiracies, he famously spent almost a decade in prison after being convicted of nearly 50 federal counts of tax fraud, at the time claiming that he didn’t owe anyone taxes (especially not Caesar) because everything he owned belonged to God.

At the time he was arrested an charged with domestic violence in the third degree, an act which was not publicized or made public. Hovind sought to beat the rap without any fanfare or impact on his ministry, hoping to be found innocent so he could keep everything on the downlow.

Welp. There goes that.

He was found guilty of domestic assault and was sentenced to one year in prison, but will only be made to serve 30 days of that. Along with the month in prison, he was fined several thousands dollars in fines and court costs, as well as to pay for his ex-girlfriends medical bills.

Hovind does not have to go to jail immediately, but has three weeks to turn himself in.

13 thoughts on “Kent ‘Dr. Dino’ Hovind Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for Domestic Assault

  1. More gossip. Stop doing that (with Ravi Zacharias as well). Taxation IS theft and we don’t know what actually happened behind closed doors. It’s not like he’s a pastor or a president. Mind your business or don’t patronize his. Problem solved.

    1. Then shouldn’t you take your own advice “and mind your own business”?
      Seems like you’re a bit of a hypocrite, just saying.

    2. If taxation is theft, don’t use any roads, police services, publicly funded medical services, fire protection services, or public schools. Do not live in an area serviced by municipal government. Never use tax funded state services.

  2. More gossip. Stop doing that (with Ravi Zacharias as well). Taxation IS theft and we don’t know what actually happened behind closed doors. It’s not like he’s a pastor or a president. Mind your business or don’t patronize his. Problem solved.

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  4. I’m a traditional Roman Catholic Italian American from D.C. My trust is Jesus Christ, my faith in God, my love of neighbor, my love of God are mostly because of Kent Hovind.

  5. This “ministry” should be ashamed. protestia could just be issuing just the facts of the case with mr. Hovind. Instead you’ve decided to run a smear campaign of your own using phrases like “disgraced creationist” and “he owed no taxes beceause….everything he has belongs to God”. Instead of distilling the article to the facts you take the opportunity to deride him through additional and editorialized comments. You also make it a point to quote not people directly involved in the case but just his Critics. I’m not trying to defend him but your way of using jargon and hyperbole to paint a specific negative picture is no better than every other athiest out there trying to use this a a reason to hate all Christians…Way to go protestia. You did it..I learned of this through a bunch of Athiest troll websites who are using you as the proverbial “whistleblower” being the “one christian site” that finally exposes christianity for what it is… a sham run by hypocrites. That is how you are now being used…to smear the rest of christianity. Good Job idiots!

  6. Ravi Zacharias is with God …he was a true spiritual Gangster. He knew what time it was, with no wristwatch, either.
    Let me say this . This is from a nobody. Unless you are someone who wants to be saved , or someone that is standing or loyally helping him with his duties as a Christian, kindly keep the mans name out your mouth. He needs no people who cant understand his mission for the better of humanity (and your well being ,as well) over there standing on his chest . He has a lot of people who need him which obviously are oblivious to the causes , your points are understood but you would sure be an asset for the side he is on ! Shall I continue? OK . To all those geniuses that now know, they now know better.

    Yours, in Christ ,
    Nick Lamonte Supporter of Christians and Brother Hovind

  7. Nice reporting, a little truth laced with a lie. Hovind has never advocated for the sovereign citizen insanity. There are also a number of ad hominems which should not be used to report anything, such as why he kept the assault charge quiet. You know nothing of his thoughts or motivation so the snide comments like him wanting to keep it on the down low would never be used by an honest writer. Sadly you are not an honest writer, you’re no different than the liars that attacked him 2006.

  8. Most of what is known about Kent Hovinds supposed ” Illegal behavior “regarding taxes has never really been explained in detail. At least I haven’t seen anything in of his detractors print that laid it out very clear. It has been reported in various publications that he wasn’t paying everything he owed and was not withholding taxes on people that worked at his ministry. When you look into it , it seems that most of what he was accused of was”Structuring”. This is a vague term that basically says the you are depositing or with drawing money in a suspicious quantity or manner to try to avoid being flagged to the IRS . For this behavior he spent nearly ten years in jail. What is clear is that Kent Hovind , before all of this happened spent an amazing amount of time and effort as basically a one man army pushing back against the Evolutionist dogma that inhabits the public schools of this nation. I heard at one point that he was speaking at around 800 events in a years time. He made videos of his speaking engagements and encouraged anyone who wanted to , to copy them and distribute them. He would debate anyone about creation and evolution. From the debates I saw, he usually held his own fairly well . He was constantly accused of not really being an accredited teacher and yet he sparred with PHD’s on a regular basis and was rarely on the losing end. He always ended his talks with a very clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All this , and yet when he was targeted by the Feds and given a totally unjust sentence of around ten years in jail, he had very little support from the thousands of pastor’s and church leader’s that had the benefit of his ministry. I don’t know how many times I have been listening to creationist speaking and I can tell from their pattern of speech that they had been exposed to Kent Hovinds teachings, but you rarely hear his name mentioned. He , I believe, purposely spoke in the common man’s vernacular. That allowed everyone to understand what he was discussing. I think that may have turned people off that liked to used 14 letter words so that everyone would know that they were “educated”. Whatever the case
    the Christian community at large seems to want to forget he ever existed. Who knows what happened regarding his marital situation ? 9 years of prison will have an effect on the best of men. His wife left him when he got out of prison. Did you really think he was going to remain unmarried?
    How many people do you know that , following divorce, marry several times trying to find some one they are compatible with. Is there such a thing as grace in these situations? I guess not.

  9. Hovind is a well known reality denier, a twice convicted criminal and a well known christian liar. His behaviour has been found to be illegal by the law on this earth more than once. It seems that his ‘god’ was unable to save him from doing time.

    I have heard him on many occasions tell lie after lie about science and evolution. Despite being told the truth on many occasions he still continues to tell the same tired old lies. That is not the behaviour of a true christian, or an honest or honourable man. He is entirely free to deny reality , hate scientific facts like evolution and the history of the earth but he chooses to deliberately lie about science and evolution, seemingly on every opportunity he gets. Given that he claims he has free will, all the lies he tells and all the crimes he has committed are obviously his own choice. Trying to ‘blame god’ for his fraud is deeply laughable. I wonder why he has never received a Nobel prize for his theory of evolution if it is correct? Maybe he thinks that the Nobel prize committee would conspire against him despite all the ‘evidence’ he claims he has.

    I thought his ‘god’ instructed its followers not to lie, yet he manifestly lies all the time. It’s one thing to claim that his property is owned by ‘god’. The issue is how he could prove it. It seems that despite all his claims that he has a huge amount of evidence that his ‘god’ exists it seems that he could not actually produce it when needed. I wonder why his ‘god’ would want his property. What exactly did he imagine a supposedly omnipotent thing would need his property for? To put it in heaven’s many banks for the large amount of interest it would attract over eternity? Maybe it just needed some spare cash for the next heavenly taxi? I would love to see all the documents his ‘god’ signed when Hovind formally handed over ownership of his property. No doubt he gave them all to the tax man to demonstrate that the transaction actually happened. Oh, wait.

    What a fraud he is. His ‘god’ would no doubt be deeply embarrassed, if it existed and even wanted his property. He is just pulling a variation on his documented tax fraud on the gullible and despite all his lies and his constant failure to provide valid evidence for his lies some people want to believe his obvious BS. SAD.

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