Famous Christian Apologist: Refusing to Consider Neanderthals the same as Homo Sapiens is ‘Dehumanizing’ and ‘Racist’

Apologist William Lane Craig, fresh off of Denying the literalness of Genesis 1-11: and saying that Adam was a Caveman that Lived 750,000 Years Ago, and then Mockingly Laughing at Thought of Talking Snake, Literal Adam, gave us another little snippet in his September 22, 2021 interview with Sean McDowell, saying that if you don’t consider Neanderthal’s to be human beings like Homo sapiens, and dehumanize them in that way, you’re being racist and behaving in a morally unconscionable way.

Craig: Well, in the book, I have only time to discuss some of the most striking, but they are unbelievably striking, Sean, and I think what you can show is that these archaeological signatures of modern human behavior go back hundreds of thousands of years in Africa and Europe and the Middle East, indicating that human beings originated on this planet sometime before the divergence of the human race into different species like Neanderthals, and Homo sapiens and Denisovans (an extinct subspecies of humanoid creatures that allagedly interbred with modern humans)

McDowell: This part of your book, to me was one of the most interesting, when you walk through the emergence of art, the emergence of tools, these very complex building structures that were made, language development, like burying the dead, there’s clear signs that these are people, human beings, whatever their size and body structure that are sufficiently similar to us and we categorized as being human.

Craig: I think that’s right. And I am not willing Sean to write Neanderthals out of the human race. I think that kind of dehumanizing attitude is, frankly morally unconscionable. It’s a kind of racism in a way.

These were people just as much as ancient Homo sapiens were, just as much as we are, and we should not dehumanize them in that way.

9 thoughts on “Famous Christian Apologist: Refusing to Consider Neanderthals the same as Homo Sapiens is ‘Dehumanizing’ and ‘Racist’

  1. Craig has really jumped the shark. He thinks that it is a serious sin (racism!!) to allegedly misclassify a being that, on his view, lived 750,000 years ago? I’m embarrassed for him.

  2. Apologetics is the most overrated field in Christianity. Christians don’t need to be convinced and the stony heart of non-Christians won’t respond to rational arguments. The world needs preachers, not apologists.

  3. “Christian evolutionists” never give us any insight into how they think the writer of the Pentateuch came to have knowledge of what happened 750,000 years before he wrote. “Who do you believe wrote the Pentateuch and what did they know about Neanderthals and early hominids? How did he come to acquire this knowledge? Why would the author of Genesis (whether they believe it’s Moses or not) even record this if it has no bearing on Israel, sin and redemption? Why and when did the nation of Israel adopt a false belief in a fall and the promise of a redeemer to correct the situation? How did Israel get so misguided and off track? Were they chosen to receive the oracles of God or not (Rom 3:2)? (I can guess the answer the evolutionists would give- they often accept the secular explanation that the Israelites made the whole thing up during the Babylonian captivity to compete with the Babylonian creation myths. Ironic in the extreme that an apologist accepts the false belief that apologists are supposed to argue against. Defense of the Bible and doctrine was supposed to be the apologists’ whole reason to exist.) Isn’t the Hebrew word for ‘snake’ the same word as ‘shining one’? Wouldn’t an apologist know this?
    If the fall is a myth then wouldn’t it follow that the reversal of the fall would simply be part of the same myth? Did an actual redeemer ever in fact come?” These are questions for them that would probably prove even more revealing. No one ever seems to ask them these things.

    Another one bites the dust. I don’t know if we’re living in the “end times” or not, but it certainly seems at times that we’re watching the falling away before our very eyes.

    1. Another is why would God use a process that took hundreds of thousands of years of miserable suffering and death. There are many such questions.

  4. So William Lane Craig is now afraid of ‘dehumanizing’ Neanderthals? Anyone besides my wife personally know a Neanderthal?

  5. And what God the Holy Spirit thinks of these Unbelievers pretending to be voices for the Faith:

    4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who *were before of old ordained to this condemnation* , ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and *denying the only Lord God* , and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    “Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;”
    1 Tim 4:2

    For the time will come when they *will not endure sound doctrine* ; but after their *own lusts* shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; *And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables*.
    2 Tim 4:3

    I never knew you, depart from me you who work iniquity.
    -Matthew 7:23
    -Jesus the Christ,( the Last Adam 1 COR 15:45)

    And those who were not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life were tossed into the Lake of Fire to taste the 2nd Death (separation)
    -John the Apostle Rev 20:

  6. The 750,000 years is baloney. The earth is 6000 years at best. Those creatures classified as homo erectus as well as Neanderthal are fully human. See Marvin Lubenow’s book Bones of Contention.

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