Woke Author Tells Rick Warren’s Wife: Make ‘Racial Justice’ Part Of Your Church Membership Process

It seems that ever since Ibram X. Kendi, author of the NYT bestseller How to be an Anti-racist, tapped Jemar Tisby to be the Assistant Director of Narrative and Advocacy at the brand new Center for Antiracist Research, that’s he’s gone further and further right in his ideology and rhetoric.

Tisby, you’ll recall, founded the Witness Black Christian Collective in 2012. Their leadership is pro-choice and they frequently partner with Michelle Higgins, the pro-choice pastrix who keeps on talking about how the Trinity is queer. Tisby is best known for writing the book The Color of Compromise (which unsurprisingly is compromised theologically).

Speaking to Kay Warren in April 2021 interview, she asks him how they can be an “ally” in the fight for racial justice.

If we’re talking about a congregational level, your church has to vocally, publicly, and in a sustained way pursue justice. It’s not so much about the level of demographic diversity in a congregation, it’s about whether ‘my concerns and priorities and the things that affect me and my family are concerns and priorities for the congregation’.

This is why so many black people felt alienated when we found that 81% of white evangelical voters who voted, voted for the previous president. All of our concerns about the rhetoric, the policies, the actions just made no difference, right? But it was clear that what concerned us didn’t concern the leadership or the rest of the congregation. And so it’s that commitment to justice that will tell us differently.

Tisby explains that you can’t be an ally in the fight for racial justice if you voted for Trump and his policies, but only if you vote for the Democrats and their policies, which are rabidly pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, pro-destruction of families, pro-theft, pro-abandoning Afghanistan, etc.

And the reality is there might be churches, maybe simply because of where you are located geographically, that will never really be all that racially or ethnically diverse, but you can still pursue justice. And you’ve got to do that vocally, meaning publicly.

A commitment to racial justice at the church level, you should have a racial justice statement, specifically focused on race. Not just broadly “justice.” Race is the dividing line, the literal dividing line in our country.

It should be part of your new members class. It should be part of that curriculum that says: when you sign up for this congregation, you’re signing up to be part of racial justice. And if that’s not for you, then this church is not for you.

Basically, he’s saying that if people want to join the church, they need to subscribe to his woke style of politics and policies that encompass “racial justice” in order to be true allies to black folk.

It should be so embedded in the curriculum that people are getting it naturally and organically in Sunday school, in Bible studies on Sunday morning. Not just the specific sermon series, but it’s in different illustrations, different applications, different topics that you address.

Churches occasionally will need to make, I think, public statements about issues of justice. And I’m not saying every single national event, but probably more than we’re used to.

… Jesus makes it so simple and asks, what’s the greatest commandment? Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. And so when it comes to racial justice, you really want to break it down, it is wanting for your neighbor the same thing you want for yourself.

Because of deliberate policies even our homes, they could be the same exact square footage, the same exact model, but because it’s in a black neighborhood, it’s going to be valued less than if it’s in a white neighborhood. And so loving our neighbor simply means: I want for my neighbor what I want for myself, and what can I do to get there?

h/t to @wokepreacherTV for the vid and most of the transcript.

Bonus Content about Saddleback Church and Rick Warren:

 Saddleback Church has recently seen a resurgence from discernment ministries after announcing they were having a “Blacks Only worship service” where no white members were allowed in, so the “black fold” could have a “safe space” to “heal,” blasted white Christians for having no discernment and not caring about black people, and started to ordain women pastrixes. Recently he started segregating his congregation between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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6 thoughts on “Woke Author Tells Rick Warren’s Wife: Make ‘Racial Justice’ Part Of Your Church Membership Process

  1. Here’s some cold-hard justice for you Jemar. The value of that house might have less to do with the skin color of the majority of the neighborhood, and more to do with people not wanting their children flunking out of school, on drugs, in gangs, beaten every other week, or murdered in a drive-by. House value also has to do with plain old supply and demand, location, etc. – things that have nothing to do with skin color whatsoever. My house here in the country has 5x the square footage of a condo in the city, but is worth 20x less. Does that mean the black guy who owns that condo is racist toward whites in the country?

    This is very typical of the anti-racist racists. Everything is about skin color. Even if there are 1,000,001 far more obvious and reasonable explanations and/or factors involved, they will toss out all but skin color, and decree that some mystical, undefinable, deeply-ingrained “white supremacy” is the cause, using that as a pretext to compel the government to enact racist policies.

    Clean up your flipping neighborhood, get rid of the gangs, drugs, violence, etc., use a lawnmower, pick up a paintbrush, and your house will be worth more, you dummy. Then you can whine about gentrification, and how it’s whitey’s fault property values are too high.

    1. It just goes to show why marxism cannot work. It produces nothing but perpetual conflict. The infinitude of possible grievances never ends. Wah, he’s doing that job and I’m doing this one. Wah, she lives there, and I live over here. Wah, his house has 5 more square feet than mine. Wah, her yard has 3 more trees. On and on and on and on and on …. and on.

      You consider all that, and eventually you’ll come to the realization that supply and demand, letting markets set the price, free and fair trade – aka capitalism – is the fairest system devised by mankind. No, it isn’t perfect, but it’s the best imperfect mankind can do.

  2. Warrens “ignore” it after ordaining FOUR female Pastors, entirely against the very word of God? I wouldn’t totally count on it. Is there any “Woke joke” in the SBC, in this country, who has even READ the BIBLE? NOwhere is “skin color” mentioned. Gee, why is that? Perhaps it is because God in ALL His wisdom added to the Scriptures Acts 17:26: “And (GOD) hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation” God made ALL men of ONE BLOOD. What does that mean? Skin hues do not matter in His eyes, and shouldn’t in ours. However, with all the woke nonsense, it only grows worse and worse, spilling over into society and voila’! The mess the visible church is in! (Besides the other messes…). I’ve read countless stories of Church SPLITS from this mess! David Platt ring a bell? Apologizing in tears for what is not only against his or anyone else’s control, but merely “stoking the fires” of just more racial tensions which God hates. Pastors are to preach Christ and Him Crucified and risen again, as Jesus said, to “Feed His sheep!” But NO, they’re too busy with their eternal victimhood life instead of being concerned about the GIFT of Eternal Life. I pray that one day it WILL end. Sadly however, it’ll likely not be until Christ comes in the clouds. It’s ALL about “Social Justice” and there is really NO other Doctrine with these “woke jokes”, just their professional victimhood, money, and wokeness. “Social Justice” is just a word they use in the place of these things. They even call it a gospel or say it is “a part of Christ’s Gospel”. WRONG! The state of the majority of the visible church is shredded, apostate! (Though Scripture warns us!) Is TRYING to stick to Scripture really all that difficult? I guess it is when so many are busy loving THIS world, loving their true gods – money and self, and spreading their diseases of hatred, division, and victimhood under the guise of “Social Justice” to too many other actual believers, and worse, about something God made CLEAR is not at all even a matter that concerns Him. One BLOOD is clear that “skin hues” are of NO concern to Christ. I DO pray that they all repent, but I don’t see it going anywhere but worse. Praise GOD that we have brothers and sisters ALL over this world of all skin tones and of all incomes from the very poorest to the very richest! Hang on to your hats, and keep your eyes on the skies. Sorry about my “tone” but I love the Savior, Jesus Christ, far too much and it surely has to get to anyone who loves Jesus Christ to keep watching all these things, these ridiculous apostates, destroying the visible Church. All these things that are against ALL God speaks about in His word. It has just all gotten beyond heartbreaking. Then add to all this foolishness the too many other apostasies severely harming the church! Whatever happened to that peculiar people, separate from the world?

    1. Well said, Mary. And don’t apologize for your tone. You’re spot on, and it needs to be said. Better it’s heard now, than to hear from one’s Maker, “depart from me, ye who work iniquity” – He absolutely will not speak those words based on any statistical quotas. If it wont matter then, it doesn’t matter now.

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