Rick Warren Blasts Christians for Having No Discernment and Not Caring about Black People

Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren, acting like he didn’t give us the monstrosity of the purpose-driven life, did an interview with Steven Strang of Relevant Magazine where he discussed issues of social justice and discernment.

Speaking candidly, he unloaded on Christians for not caring about black people after they are born, suggested they’re engaging in subtle racism, and decried many of them as not having discernment or a biblical worldview when it came to who they voted for.

These are, of course, pretty rich claims for a man who recently had a prayer meeting with a Trinity-denying heretic, affirmed Roman Catholic as Christians, and about a hundred other things as can be seen here.

In fact, Warren was last seen having racially segregated services so that the “black fold” can have a “safe space” to “heal,” and explaining how Christians and churches aren’t being discriminated against or persecuted by lockdown policies.

In this segment of the interview, he doubles down on his criticisms by employing some very Critical Race Theory language, making one wonder to what extent this ideology has been sopped up by the megachurch.

Q. We’re in an unprecedented era of political division; what’s that been like for you? Obviously, many Christians are and have always been concerned about pro-life issues. 

What I see is a lot of people only care about Black people if they’re in the womb. They don’t care about Black people once they’re born. I’m going, ‘No, no, no, no. You’ve got to care about that little girl after she’s born.’ That’s a subtle racism and you just need to own up to it.

Christians today lack biblical discernment. They’re making decisions based on political values rather than biblical values. This is a real problem. The whole election, regardless who you voted for, revealed that most Christians don’t have a biblical worldview. They don’t vote from a biblical worldview. They vote from a political worldview. Their identity comes primarily from politics. It’s partisan.

Warren laments that the topic of “poverty” is an under-taught doctrine, despite there being thousands of verses about it. He describes how he went through “Christian college, two Christian seminaries, and got an earned doctorate” without ever hearing anything about the poor, and that likewise the word “justice” is frequently used in scriptures, but Christians have an aversion to it.

Q: The Church has struggled intensely with this year’s reckoning of racial injustice in America. Looking at our response, it hasn’t been pretty. How can Christians improve our response? 

Of our 20 Saddleback campuses, most of those pastors aren’t white guys. They’re Hispanic, Asian, Black. They are Middle Eastern. But when I saw this happening, and the brutalization and racism coming back to the forefront, I thought, “OK, it’s not enough to simply be a multicultural church. We’ve been a multicultural church for 20 years. We have to be an anti-racist church.”

We have to be a pro-reconciliation, pro-justice church. I invited my Black staff to spend time with me. We did a Zoom call and I said, “Guys, I need you to just level with me. I don’t want to hear about when you experienced prejudice and rejection as a kid. I want to hear about how you’ve heard and felt it at Saddleback.” 

It was a two-and-a-half hour meeting. It was brutal. It was painful. It was beautiful. It was healing. We all cried together. We did seven staff meetings, over two hours each. They shared their stories, and then I let the staff respond. There was weeping, and there was repentance.

I had a call with all the Black members of Saddleback. People said, “Rick, I love my church, I love you. But many times, I just feel like my church doesn’t understand. I’m the only Black woman in a small group of white women. Not one person has asked me: ‘How do you feel about these shootings?’ I have a son who’s about Ahmaud Aubrey’s age and it scares me.” 

I’ve been pulled over like everybody else has. It always raises your fear level. But I’ve never been afraid somebody was going to throw me on the ground. I’ve never been afraid that somebody’s going to pull a gun on me me driving while white.

People should not be afraid in their own country. 

Look, 1619: the first slaves arrive. That’s two years before the pilgrims got here.

Slaves have been here longer than pilgrims. It’s their country too. People say, “Go home.” Well, they’ve been here longer than you


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5 thoughts on “Rick Warren Blasts Christians for Having No Discernment and Not Caring about Black People

  1. Since when do Christians not care about Black Babies after they have left the womb. This is the same tired argument I see posted from atheists about Christians, that once a baby leaves the womb, we leave them to fend for themselves. Seriously, do we not have many many organizations that help with adoption, help battered women and children. It is the men who fornicate and then abandon these women and children after they have taken their pleasure with them. It is also the women who fornicate with these men. WAKE UP Rick Warren, to the truth … these babies (and not just black babies) are being sacrificed on the altar of fornication and inconvenience. Perhaps if you and many other preachers spent some time preaching what the scripture says about the sin sexual promiscuity and taught God’s plan for marriage and the family, then these folks might actually wait to for marriage and want the babies that come from the blessed union of Man and Women.

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