Jemar Tisby’s Black Christian Collective Promotes Pro-Choice Ally Henny to Vice-President

Jemar Tisby’s Witness Black Christian Collective (WitnessBCC) has made major structural changes to its organization, elevating several key members into new roles such as Tyler Burns to President and and promoting openly pro-choice advocate Ally Henny to Vice-President.

The Witness BCC was founded by Jemar Tisby in 2012, which at that point was called the Reformed African American Network or RAAN. Tisby, perhaps best known for writing the book The Color of Compromise (which unsurprisingly is compromised theologically) has left his position and will serve as founder of The Witness Incorporated, a 501c3 organization that is the parent company for The Witness Foundation (A newish venture that gives certain black folk $50,000 a year to train and raise them into leaders) and The Witness Black Christian Collective.

Despite the new structure, what has remained unchanged is the fact that this organization has no credibility to speak on the biblical, scriptural, and theological understanding and application of racism to the church. They have no clue what constitutes issues of mercy and justice are so long as they continue to platform and promote so many unbiblical, unscriptural, and untheological writers and contributors. Chief among them is Ally Henny, now the Veep.

Henny is a regular contributor to The Witness and writes about race, cultural identification, black motherhood, and topics related to the black experience from a faith-based perspective. She is also overtly and unabashedly pro-choice.

She recently tweeted about how black people should join the Episcopal (US Anglican) church. When pressed on why any Christian should do that, given the denomination’s stance on abortion and homosexuality (they are openly and enthusiastically in favor of both) she responded:

I believe that all people should be welcome to worship and serve in the church regardless of their identity….

I actually considered joining the “other” Anglican denomination here in the US, but I decided against it. My nephew came out as trans at the same time I was taking steps to enter into discernment. I realized that I could not be ordained somewhere he could not be his full self…

There are disagreements within the Anglican Communion on this issue. As a new Anglican, my hope is that we would err on the side of love and not pronounce anathemas against one another because we disagree.”

She’s not the only one working or associated with the Witness BCC who has dubious views on abortion, if not also flat out pro-choice. Michelle Higgins routinely tweets out support for Planned Parenthood, the apex predator of the baby-killing world, and Ekimini Uwan doesn’t want to abolish Roe v. Wade, but rather wants it to be the law of the land.

In the Witness BCC, refusing to swallow Critical Race Theory’s view on “anti-racism” will get you kicked out, but being for the killing of babies in the womb as a human right will get you promoted. So spare us Jemar Tisby when you go on podcasts and talk about mercy, and justice, and loving your neighbors, and hatred for the oppressed. Your people support baby-killing, dude. We’re not buying it for a second.

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