Woke Anti-Racist Leader in Uproar After Christian University Apologizes for his Past Appearance

Famed anti-racist leader Jemar Tisby and his many followers have come out raging after a Christian College he previously spoke at repudiated his message and presence, releasing a report highlighting the error and apologizing for having him speak in the first place, which has drawn voluminous gnashing of teeth from the teacher.

Jemar Tisby, perhaps best known for writing the theologically compromised book The Color of Compromise, is the founder of the Witness Black Christian Collective (previously called Reformed African American Network or RAAN) which is an allegedly Christian organization created to “fight injustice” all the while promoting an openly pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ radical to the role of Vice President. In fact, it was only last year that he was Hired by Ibram X. Kendi to be His New ‘Assistant Director of Narrative and Advocacy’

In early February of 2022, Grove City College (GCC) after being dogged by “persistent reports of actions allegedly indicating creeping “wokeness” at the College, particularly through the introduction of critical race theory (“CRT”)” appointed an ad hoc Special Committee to review allegations of mission-drift. The Committee has completed its work and found that by and large they have not succumbed to wokeness or the advances of CRT, but did find a few “specific instances of misalignment”- such as a created “Advisory Council on Diversity” which they say is now defunct, a presentation by the Director of Multicultural Education and Initiatives (“DMEI”) “offering suggestions for how to
understand and support minority students.” which included a TED Talk video focusing on “whiteness” and criticizing the concept of race neutrality, and Jemar Tisby’s chapel service.

This they say was a mistake, and they have taken measures to ensure it never happens again.

This has prompted the response:


While Tisby’s chapel message was relatively benign, compared to much of the racially charged content he’s known for putting out, we applaud GCC for their repudiation and would suggest that until he deals with all the pro-LGBTQ and pro-abortion sentiment that plagues his own organization, that he not worry about it too much.

5 thoughts on “Woke Anti-Racist Leader in Uproar After Christian University Apologizes for his Past Appearance

  1. The last paragraph nails it. If, as Tisby claims, anti-racist policies and reparations are Biblical Christian orthodoxy, and if Christian orthodoxy should be legislated, then we can start by outlawing all forms of perverted, degenerate, abominable sin, and by outlawing the slaughter of babies in the womb. At the very least we should turn back recent trends, and implement policies that allow Christians, and our children, to go to school, work, and live free from being coerced and pressured into going against God and His Word in order to exist.

    If you want to start legislating morality and declare the USA a Christian country, I’m absolutely fine with that. But this picking and choosing, cherry-picking, hypocritically only appealing to God’s Word when you think it suits your political agenda, ain’t gonna cut it. So my question to you, Mr. Tisby is simply this. Are you a Christian or are you a Democrat? Seems to me everything you advocate for or against just happens to coincidentally align more with democrat party orthodoxy than anything else.

    You, Mr. Tisby, are going to have to kick the perverted degenerates, baby slaughterers, abominable sin promoters, and government worshipers to the curb. You have to do that. You’ve aligned yourself with them, and it’s up to you to correct that error. Nobody else can do it for you.

    1. To those who demand “racial unity” in the church, just like I never wanted unity with false white clergy like Boshop Spong and Rob Bell, so likewise I have zero desire for unity with the black racist false brethren like Tisby, Morrison, and T.A.

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