Jemar Tisby Rides the Segregationist Robin DiAngelo Gravy Train

The recent Scott Adams segregation controversy yielded Adams a large amount of much-deserved vitriol from those who pointed out that the suggestion that white Americans should “get the f*** away” from black Americans is an inexcusably racist statement that reflects an unacceptable ideology that Christians should reject. Adam’s defended himself by claiming that he was a victim of cancel culture, which would be a valid defense if he wasn’t canceled for making a statement that is genuinely racist. 

Adam’s words and the consequent cancellation of his Dilbert comic strip by numerous outlets were widely talked about by the mainstream media, because Adams hails from the conservative end of the political spectrum. A nearly identical statement by leftist race-baiting CRT advocate and author of White Fragility Robin DiAngelo, went relatively unnoticed, as media pundits gave DiAngelo a pass. DiAngelo advocates for black against white racism, while Adams advocates for white against black racism. 

One might question why DiAngelo is allowed to peddle segregation and remain unscathed, while Adams received just condemnation for his statements. The answer lies in the statements of many CRT advocates, such as Jemar Tisby, who believes that black people, or white people like DiAngelo who shill for leftist race baiters, do not have the ability to be racist because they lack power. According to Tisby, a leftist evangelical grifter and liberation theologian riding on the secular racial grievance gravy train of Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, people cannot be racist unless they have power. This is the classic formula for critical race theory: power plus prejudice equals racism. 

Jemar Tisby has benefited greatly by grifting on the popularity of Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. Tisby founded the Witness: Black Christian Collective, an organization built on the very segregationist premise described by both Scott Adams and Robin DiAngelo; the racist idea that people of certain ethnicities should self-segregate and create spaces for themselves that exclude people of other ethnicities. Essentially, Tisby’s CRT philosophy, expounded upon in his book The Color of Compromise and How to Fight Racism, is a retread of DiAngelo’s secular White Fragility, baptized in the waters of Christianese. Tisby describes this pursuit on his personal website.

“In 2017, the Reformed African American Network became The Witness: A Black Christian Collective. We acknowledged that, although we had been trying to get a seat at the white evangelical table, there were too many decision-makers and gatekeepers who wanted Black people present but did not care to listen to their perspective. The cost of having a seat at this table was assimilation to the dominant white cultural norms and theologies. We walked away and started to build our own table. 

While this was happening institutionally, it has also been happening for me personally. I am continually learning what it means to lean into my own liberation.”

The only requirement to write for Tisby’s The Witness is black skin. The site claims to be centered around the concerns of Black Christians, but the basis for theology is not rooted in the objective truth of scripture but rather subjective blackness-centered personal experience. With such a vague aim, even a non-Christian could write for the blog, as long as they claim to “center the concerns of Black Christians.”

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4 thoughts on “Jemar Tisby Rides the Segregationist Robin DiAngelo Gravy Train

  1. I hate to burst their technocratic, theoretical, fairytale bubble, but the simple reality is that as long as they defy and rebel against God’s Word, to any degree, in any way, the authority and power they are fighting against is that which belongs to Him and to Him alone. And that’s a war they are guaranteed to lose.

    I guess that’s just too simple a fact for these intellectuals to understand. You can’t beat God. Fight Him, and you’ll lose every time.

    1. You are assuming these individuals actually believe in the Biblical God – it is clear they obviously do not.

      1. Whether they believe or not, they’re fighting against Him, and they will lose. The Bible is not going to change.

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