Hannah-Kate Williams, Alleged Sex Abuse Victim, Sues a Ton of SBC Leaders

An alleged sex abuse victim has launched a lawsuit against several well-known SBC leaders and entities, claiming that they either helped cover up her abuse at the hands of her father, or failed to do their due diligence as it pertained to their reporting.

Hannah-Kate Williams was the woman at the center of the Mike Stone SBC 2021 Convention controversy. She famously confronted the presidential nominee on the convention floor where they had a brief discussion that ended with Williams in tears, citing him as saying she was bad for the convention. This quickly made the rounds, Stone issued a statement of denial, but it’s a reasonable bet that this had a very adverse effect on Stones’ numbers and, causing him to lose against serial plagiarizer and sermon stealer Ed Litton.

Now, as reported by Religion News Service, she has filed suit against a plethora of entities and personalities, including Lifeway, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mike Stone, Rod Martin, the SBC Executive Committee, and others, alleging that they “conspired to protect the Baptist denomination from a problem of sexual abuse of minors or other vulnerable populations” by not investigating her reports, along with painting her as a liar who has no credibility.

Hannah contends that her father sexually, physically, and psychologically abused her from the ages of 5-16. She says she reported that abuse at the age of 8 to SBC church staff, but they did nothing other than tell her “I’m praying for you.”

(kferg16) is Kathy Litton, Litton’s occasional co-preacher and plagiarized enabler

According to Religion News Service:

Williams, the oldest of six siblings, said she first contacted SBC local pastors and national leaders after she realized her father was also assaulting three of her younger siblings. Her mother severely beat her and her siblings and also sexually abused her two younger brothers, according to public statements by the four oldest siblings (the two youngest siblings are still in her parents’ custody).

The elder four siblings have filed police reports against their parents in several jurisdictions, alleging sexual and physical abuse. But in December, a detective in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, declined to send the case to a prosecutor, citing “factual issues and inconsistencies” among the siblings’ stories, according to the report.

Reports in more than 10 other jurisdictions in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee remain under investigation.

One person has already publicly responded to previous claims and called her a liar who is making things up.

During the convention, she wrote on Twitter that the man who helped cover up her abortion was outside the convention protesting abotion, and yet refused to tell anyone who he was or reveal his identity.

We are aware that the man’s name is James Farrar. He is a pastor at Alethia Church and released a video at the time explaining that he has been falsely accused and that she is a liar, painting a picture that is diametrically opposite hers.

Prior to the convention, Williams announced that she was abandoning Christianity and the church, explaining that she needed to leave these things behind so that she could “heal,” be “free,” and “live in that freedom.” In the months since then, however, she has “recommitted” her life to the Lord and has made public declarations of belief. including being re-baptized.

As far as what she wants out of all this lawsuit: she says “I’m hoping all abusers will be exposed and brought to justice so they can find redemption, that survivors can receive restitution, and the vulnerable can be protected.”

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11 thoughts on “Hannah-Kate Williams, Alleged Sex Abuse Victim, Sues a Ton of SBC Leaders

  1. Seems to be a favorite tactic of the left these days, to make such accusations public right before a vote, in an opportunistic fashion – which, by itself, significantly reduces the credibility of the claims. Such claims have to be investigated, but from where I sit her story isn’t adding up. I can’t picture any lawyer filing such a lawsuit with the expectation of winning.

    1. Your comment is typical of males which is why most sexually abused females dont tell. Why couldnt you give her the benefit of the doubt?

      1. I believe Scooter did give her the benefit of the doubt. A lie detector test may indicate that she’s telling the truth, and it may not. Though lie detector tests are not always conclusive, and are not admissible in court as absolute proof one way or the other, they can aid investigations.

        Your comment is typical of females who say women should always be believed and would never lie, even when it’s extremely obvious that she has ulterior motives related to swaying the SBC in the direction she wants.

  2. Regardless of the accusations, I want to tell all abused persons who help to elect Litton, you have been played

  3. All abused persons deserve to tell their story. They deserve to be believed and well cared for by counselors, churches, and pastors. They deserve the best love, support, and care we can offer. They deserve justice through a court system that will try their abusers, convict them, sentence them, punish them, rehabilitate them, and mark them so society is aware of their history and can protect potential future victims.

    Having said that, we must also frankly recognize the existence of a tactic of exploiting this very sensitive issue of sexual abuse in order to push other narratives through elaborate mass media campaigns. These are capable of changing the conversation and creating a short-term scandal precisely at the moment of a political election, performance review, or other event that can sway public opinion. By the time the facts come out, the emotional impact of the abuse charges have already done their damage.

    As evidence, consider the following. In the Lyell Case, the direct abuser was a professor at Southern Seminary, but the alleged mishandlers are now being investigated at the Executive Committee. In the Lively Case, the direct abuser was a boyfriend at Southeastern Seminary who was never even charged, but the alleged mishandler, Dr. Patterson, was punished far more severely. In the Williams Case, the direct abuser was her father, but the alleged mishandlers, Mike Stone and the Executive Committee, are the ones being targeted.

    Their obvious tactic is a systematic approach of skipping over the guilt of the direct abusers and focusing almost entirely upon the alleged mishandlers. Emotionally, it all sort of runs together. With the direct abusers out of the equation, all our attention is focused on the alleged mishandlers as we weep over the injustice of abuse. In certain cases, we are being harder on the mishandlers than we are on the abusers.

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