Creationist Kent Hovind’s Ex-GirlFriend/ Fake Wife Files Restraining Order Against Him: ‘He Body-Slammed Me’

In the latest development in a scandal-filled saga that has been playing out over the last year at his ministry compound, Kent Hovind’s ex-girlfriend/ wife has taken an order of protection against the disgraced creationist, claiming that he physically abused her by ‘body-slamming her’ and has engaged in a pattern of psychological torture and gaslighting, making her fear for her life, according to KenVRLB

Hovind, also known as Dr. Dino, has a creation ministry of sorts that is run through his Alabama-based Dinosaur Adventure Land; a somewhat decrepit touristy destination where people can camp and explore the trails on ATVs and visit his creation exhibits. Routinely expressing and advocating for sovereign citizen conspiracies, he famously spent almost a decade in prison after being convicted of nearly 50 federal counts of tax fraud, at the time claiming that he didn’t owe anyone taxes (especially not Ceasar) because everything he owned belonged to God.

In the petition where it lists the types of abuse she endured, along with why she fears the defendant will cause her further abuse, Cindy Lincoln explains:

“He body slammed me causing ER Visit and damage on Chiropractors Report’…He wants to shut me up. He is dependent upon public opinion for his livelihood…(I) fear he will kill me to shut me up.”

She further notes that she was menaced with guns and experienced “threatening language from his cohorts.” She says she wants to keep him and his friends away from her home and wants to “make Kent Hovind pay medical bills for the injuries he caused by him body-slamming me. ”

She finally asks the court to have Hovind reimburse her for any pain and suffering compensation the court sees fit to grant her as a result of Hovind publicly and routinely defaming her, resulting in her being further “psychologically traumatized.”

At play here is the fact that Hovind’s personal life is in disarray and stained by sinful, selfish, and self-justifying choices,

He married his first wife Jo in 1973 and they stayed together until their divorce in March of 2016.

He then married Mary Tocco in September 2016, though no sexual adultery had taken place in his former marriage, making him an adulterer. They did not get a marriage license and instead had a private religious ceremony. That ‘marriage’ lasted a little more than a year, and then they ‘divorced’ in 2017 after she discovered that he was behaving shady with the money again, and not on account of adultery.

He then got ‘married’ again in 2018 to Cindy Lincoln, becoming twice an adulterer in a private ceremony, and then he ‘divorced’ her and put her out in 2020, also without a legal marriage or divorce.

Despite referring to Cindy on camera multiple times as his wife, in the filing his lawyers are trying to circumvent this order of protection by arguing that the nature of their relationship does not qualify for her to take this sort of spousal order of protection against him. Ie, we weren’t legally married, so this restraining order doesn’t apply.

While Cindy’s account has not been proven in court, she did post an audio recording of the alleged abusive incident, (warning: very disturbing) along with screenshots of of marriage contracts and monetary stipulations. Taken as a whole, it appears that Hovid’s desire for her money is somehow all tied up in this, as he made multiple attempts to bribe her, blackmail her and have her sign all her money over to his ministry. Truly, there is some awe-inspiring scumbaggery taking place on the part of Hovind. For more details on all dark and disturbing rabbit hole, click here.

We will hopefully have some clarity in a few weeks when the Judge is set to rule on the nature of their marriage and figure out what the heck is going on.

h/t to the hive of scum and villainy known as the Friendly Atheist for the story


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13 thoughts on “Creationist Kent Hovind’s Ex-GirlFriend/ Fake Wife Files Restraining Order Against Him: ‘He Body-Slammed Me’

  1. Ok. This seems to be missing further extrapolation. Most of this seems to just be distaste for Kent, which seems to be slightly justified. The taxes argument is one thing, though I’ve heard intelligent arguments about what qualifies as Caesar’s outside of traditional understanding.

    The problem to me is that this seems one-sided and most all claims are still speculation. Even the “photo evidence” isn’t really evidence of anything but her claims against his. Even then, the audio are just screams from what I saw with intentions placed behind them after the fact.(I grew up with a mentally ill mother who would routinely get “injured” for twisted reasons and observed this type of manipulation growing up) I’m not saying what this is, but I haven’t seen what makes it so clear that it can’t be that. There’s just no compelling evidence here from what I see. I don’t think it’s reasonable to have to dig 50 minutes into a video to have an opinion on
    the actual article and immediate claims made.

    All this said, I could be missing a massive smoking gun here and am open to the possibility I’m missing the mark.

    1. I agree with you Jared. The conversation seemed to be between a calm man trying not to escalate a tense situation and a female who seemed to be a bipolar individual who was having a bad downturn in the manic/depressive cycle.

      1. There is no evidence of bi-polar in the audio. It is curious to see people rushing to the defense of a convicted felon/serial adulterer.

        1. I agree. I think it is presumptuous and extremely unchristlike for anyone to make a lofty judgement based on so little evidence . I am sure there is months and months of incidences leading up to this.

      2. The screams are obviously that of pain. As he records the deputes between them, he’s playing the “good guy” part. As I understand from many Youtubes, he’s altogether different on video than he is off. Sort of a Jeckel and Hyde personality. He successfully drove Cindy to the breaking point.

  2. I find his marital habits consistent with his religious beliefs. He does not want any government interference in his life. Yet that is only evidence for his misunderstanding of the Bible.

    I attended an IBF seminary briefly and what is taught in those schools and churches are not biblical

  3. I’ll side with Hovind on this one. I don’t know what her mental disorder is, but, she behaves like she has one. Hovind could not reason with her. Why go hysterical? Why not record if there is no manipulation going on? Because she’s hiding something. Hovind didn’t hurt her , if she’s hurt it’s because she became aggressive. Hovind is being set up .

    1. The screams are obviously that of pain. As he records the deputes between them, he’s playing the “good guy” part. As I understand from many Youtubes, he’s altogether different on video than he is off. Sort of a Jeckel and Hyde personality. He successfully drove Cindy to the breaking point.

  4. Listen, I’m not trying to take up for Kent but the evidence here is pretty lacking. It sounds like she charged at him and he simply retaliated. I 100 percent could be wrong here, and I’m not trying to pick sides. I just find the evidence to be lackluster and I find it extremely difficult to immediately take the side of the woman in domestic abuse cases since so many men have had their lives destroyed and their livelihoods decimated because of false rape or abuse cases by women. Once again: I am NOT saying her story isn’t true. I am simply skeptical of it based on the evidence provided to me and I am 100 percent willing to admit that I am wrong. On a side note his voice in this clip doesn’t really sound like one of an aggressive and angry abuser. His tone is more calm. More akin to a “Let me try and deescalate this situation” type of tone.

  5. Kent Hovind was “set up” in his conviction for tax evasion….. and he is being set up again here. Protestia has a taste for melodrama rather than fact. ie. “fake wife”; “disgraced creationist”; “scandal-filled saga”; “ministry of sorts”; “decrepit touristy destination” etc. etc.

    Listing all of his former wife’s accusations is not ‘evidence’….. but I guess we cannot expect a rag like Protestia to present a balanced report.

    As for some of the commenters, I just hope they are never accused of anything on such slim evidence as they are apparently willing to judge Kent as guilty.

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