PCA Church Compares COVID Vaccine to Holy Spirit ‘Our Protection, Our Assurance’

John Hopkins Professor and Liturgist Wayne Koch delivered an opening message with a metaphor to Columbia Presbyterian Church, which is a PCA Church in Columbia, MD on July 25th. During his message, he came up with a terrible metaphor while hitting on all the worst talking points of the pandemic and its effect on our ecclesiology, including hinting that the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus may limit their freedom to worship, explaining that the church is gathered together “because of a vaccine, largely” which he describes as “protection, our assurance” and reiterates that we as Christians should ‘hope’ that the person next to has the vaccine inside of them, in the same way, that we ought to hope the Holy Spirit lives inside of others.

All this notwithstanding that vaccinated people are still catching and drying from COVID, whereas the Holy Spirit has a much higher success rate and assurance, as “Whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.”

Are you ready for this morning’s opening metaphor? Prof Koch is up here, so we’re gonna get a metaphor this morning. It takes a minute. Bear with me.

I was thinking about it this morning. We’re so happy to be here and unmasked. All we with unveiled faces, right? And to be together. And we’re watching the Delta variant and all that stuff and worrying a little bit about whether we’re gonna be able to keep this freedom to meet together this week.

And we’re here together and able to be together because of a vaccine, largely, right? That we’ve been vaccinated. And that is our protection, our assurance.

So here’s the metaphor. We actually are here longing for something much more than just getting back to life the way that we remember it. Being able to go on vacation, as some of our members have done, or go to a restaurant. And we have a much bigger problem, don’t we, than the COVID, coronavirus. Our problem is how can we come into the presence of the God who made us who we have sinned against, who we’ve disappointed?

And if you look at the bulletin verse [1 John 4:17], you see the metaphor for the vaccine. We have a much better solution that allows us to be together, and that is the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

As you look to your right and to your left and you see the person sitting next to you, we hope that that person is vaccinated, but we also hope that they have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them, as we have hope that the Holy Spirit dwells in us. And by that Spirit, his love is perfected within us, so that we have confidence in the day of judgment to draw nigh. And that’s what we’ve come to do.

h/t to WokePreacherTV for the vid and transcripts.


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12 thoughts on “PCA Church Compares COVID Vaccine to Holy Spirit ‘Our Protection, Our Assurance’

  1. I don’t know what the so-called vaccine even does. You can still catch covid. You can still die from covid. You can still spread covid. And there’s added risks of dying from the “vaccine,” complications causing other medical problems, unknown long-term effects. Mankind is never as smart as we think we are. We may think we’ve figured out DNA, and the multitude of inter dependencies, causes and effects, mechanisms at work, and what else may result from trying to “patch” it, but we most assuredly have not.

    And why the push to mandate this genetic “patch”? Especially in children and young people, who stand a greater chance of being struck by lightening than dying from covid. Why mess with their DNA? The average age of people who have died from covid is over 80 years old, the vast majority of which had known comorbidities.

    For two weeks straight, more people died from the “vaccine” than died from covid. In Mass., the latest outbreak, the majority of those who caught covid are vaccinated. 50% of the US population has been fully vaccinated, yet there is an apparent increase in infections – which would seem to be mathematically impossible if the “vaccine” did what it’s supposed to do – one would have to do the math (which would be extremely incomplete due to many unknowns), but it seems to me if half the population is vaccinated, it would be nearly impossible for a virus to spread exponentially, if the “vaccine” worked. But if you look at the graphs, that’s what you see – the beginnings of an upward curve. At half vaccination, I’m not sure the math would even support a linear increase, much less exponential.

    All this, and for a solid year and a half, very legitimate treatments have been relentlessly mocked, criticized, demonized.

    It all stinks to high Heaven.

    Now we see Australia deploying 700 troops into Sydney because 13 people have died in the recent “outbreak” – in a city of 5.3 million. It is insane.

    What we’re seeing these days is extreme Scientism – not real science, but the worship of science – fed by hysteria. In many cases pseudo-science, worshiped as if it’s infallible. Totalitarian rule of “scientists.” When they start calling you names, demonizing you, calling for forced vaccination, etc., for legitimately questioning such a so-called “vaccine” (which would be an exercise of real science in a world not given over to a reprobate mind) you know they’ve lost their flipping mind.

    1. Nazi Germany – rule of “science”
      Soviet Russia – rule of “science”
      Maoist China -rule of “science”

      More genocide committed in the past century alone, under the rule of secular “science,” than committed in all the rest of history combined. And many bloody wars fought to stop it.

      And here we are, fresh on the heels of all that, waltzing right back into it, like the dumbest bunch of idiots ever to walk the face of the Earth.

  2. Hmmm isnโ€™t it weird every evangelical megachurch stands with vaxxing, lockdowns and science and also AGAINST you MAGAtard fascists? Maybe itโ€™s because true evangelicals stand with ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€โšง๏ธ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ and against domestic terrorists

    1. Did you really just write that? Smh……

      Proverbs 10:21
      The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom.

      Psalm 92:5-6 โ€œHow great are your works, O Lord! Your thoughts are very deep! 6 The stupid man cannot know; the fool cannot understand this.โ€

    2. Your godless, juvenile, and breathtakingly ignorant comments have lost their novelty, Johnny. While Satan, no doubt, prompts your efforts to irritate the Saints, your reward is continued misery in this life (and you are horribly miserable, aren’t you?) and destruction in the next.
      Repent and seek Christ while you have the opportunity.
      [insert tiny flags here denoting I am not a sexual deviant nor mentally ill]

    3. Hey Johnny, thanks for proving my point. Rather than debate, argue, or refute in a scientific, reasoned manner you resort to fallacous argumentum ad hominem, argumentum ad populum, argumentum ad verecundiam, etc.

      And you wonder why I posted what I posted.

      You wouldn’t know true science if it smacked you in the head.

    4. Gotta hand it to you though. It takes some serious skill to fit that many fallacious, irrational statements into two sentences or less.

      “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.โ€ – Ben Franklin


    Iโ€™d bet a doughnut that he doesnโ€™t even believe 90% of the dumb nonsense he posts, he just posts it to get a rise out of you. Stop taking his bait. Stop feeding him. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

      1. That’s ‘OK comma, capital ‘N’azi, period,’ Einstein.
        Seriously, Johnny, either retake 3rd grade or get your GED.

    1. The sad fact is that as long as articles are posted on this site, the godless mouth-breather who calls itself ‘Johnny’ will continue to post here regardless of whether people reply to him or not. The only ‘feeding’ that is prompting his/her/its comments is primarily the articles themselves.

  4. For the truth view people should listen to what Doctor Simone Gold has to say. It is shocking truth.

    Go to Americas Frontline Doctors website, click on videos, and find the latest of her tour speeches.

    You won’t hear any Presbyterian vaccine pusher preachers tell ANY of what she does.

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