Prophetess-Wrangler Steve Shultz Asks a Very Troubling Question: Receives Demonic Answer

False prophetess-wrangler and Chief Enabler Steve Shultz, frequently found joined at the hip with our pink-haired hellion Kat Kerr as they reveal what heaven is like, based on Kerr having visited there “thousands of times,” has come out on a segment and asked a question that really gets to the heart of this little show they’re putting on.

Of course, Shultz is routinely asking ridiculous questions, like “Is there basketball in heaven? What does Jesus look like? What’s the weather like up there? Are there nine-headed giraffes? Do they have fast food in heaven like Arby’s or Mcdonalds? Can you buy lingerie in heavenly boutiques? What color beard did Jonah have? Have you ever the inside of an angel? Can I bite my fingers off? What happens if I swallow a coathanger? And on and on and all sorts of other oddball questions that would presuppose some sort of insider knowledge.

In this case, Shultz asks her:

“Have you ever seen Joseph in heaven? And because… people keep asking? Is there anything you know, that’s not written in the word about what happened with Joseph? How long was he around? How much did he see Jesus grow up? How much did he know? Do you know anything about his earthly life that we don’t see recorded?

Kat Kerr has become a walking, talking emblem of Gnosticism and charismatic mysticism, because the scriptures are not enough, and their demonic curiosity has led them to some dark places. Kerr, who in truth is a masterful improvisationalist, responds:

I know for certain that Joseph was around as long as the Father God needed him to be there with Jesus. He was his mentor. He was his trainer in his gift, which Jesus would do. Not used just on the earth, by the way. Jesus still does carpentry in heaven as the King of Kings. He’s never lost that gift. He took it to heaven with Him. Joseph is absolutely in heaven. I have seen Jesus and Joseph working on projects (Shultz “Really? Really! That’s a nice thing”) and carpentry projects. I don’t know what it is they’re working on-

Shultz “Oh his earthly father is building projects- I had never thought of that before.”

Well you know, that was Joseph’s gift. Joseph had a gift. His gift was carpentry. He was a master carpenter. He was known all over the city, by the city elders, by all the wealthy people whose wonderful furniture he made. And actually, that was one of the reasons why he and Mary weren’t stoned.

They weren’t stone because they (The townfolks) weren’t willing-I do know that from the Spirit of God.- They were not willing to lose the best carpenter they had. And therefore they didn’t stone them, which was not even normal for that day.

That would have happened. But of course, God protected. Joseph had to be there. He had to train Jesus in that natural gift that God made him as a businessman. He was sent as a businessman from heaven. Joseph was a businessman and he got to train Jesus most of his life, until he was well into the master carpentry.

Making up stuff about God and Joseph and Heaven is as demonic as it gets. They revel in secret knowledge because the bible isn’t a sufficiently captivating source, but rather Kerr’s mysticism is, and Shultz is more than happy to go along.


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6 thoughts on “Prophetess-Wrangler Steve Shultz Asks a Very Troubling Question: Receives Demonic Answer

  1. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” – John 1:1-5

    I’m fairly certain the infinitely powerful, infinitely knowledgeable Creator, who created the trees in the first place, is quite capable of building any flipping thing He wants, any way He wants, if he so chooses not to speak it into existence.

    I don’t understand why people are so inclined to try to fit Almighty God into their little box, as if He must fit within the limits of our tiny amount of finite knowledge. He is so far beyond our understanding, it is stupid to even try. We are infinitely stupid in comparison to Him.

  2. When the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the earth? Luke 18:8

    I used to think that we could not be close to the return of Jesus to the earth because there’s still a church on every corner, and the suburbs are filled with huge churches. Some of the prophecies of the end times seem to imply that churches themselves would be hard to find. When the covid restrictions hit and the govt locked down churches many thought “ok this is it, we’re seeing a time where it will be hard to hold public worship services.”

    But we need to pause and re-think. There are whole churches, even huge urban mega churches with thousands of attendees each week, perhaps whole denominations, in which there are no actual believers at all. Perhaps what Jesus was referring to is that he would search through scads of buildings all over the earth, certainly all over America, with his name on the building or sign out front, but find no actual faith there.

    I’m not an end timer. I don’t really think anything about it one way or the other, don’t really care. Could be another 10,000 years for all I know, or even care. And it doesn’t help that most of the people who get into that just seem to be nuts. But I have learned that whether there are churches on every corner of every American suburb doesn’t reflect whether there is any faith on the earth.

  3. I hope Kat is receiving great acclaim and fortune in this life because the price to be paid for her opportunistic, narcissistic deception in the next will not be pleasant, I’m guessing…

  4. 😂 Methinks Kate is “stoned” when she has these little pink-visions.
    I still believe Oral Roberts 900 ft Jesus is better, but nothing will ever top Bob Tiltons “we’ve seen midgets grow!!”
    That’s one for the charismatic books that will never be outdone 😂😂

  5. Kat has got to be on legitimate dangerous drugs which no one can find on her yet………….I have an imagination but good gosh she blows me away.

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