Racist Pastor ‘Black Violence Towards Asians is Fueled by White Supremacy’

The demoniac pastor who heads up Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ in Springfield, Massachusetts, Talbert Swan, has demonstrated once again his racism and irrationality, at this point serving as a living, breathing example of the ultimate end of what it looks like to be steeped in Critical Race Theory and be given over to a seared conscience.

Swan, you’ll recall, was temporarily banned from Twitter in 2018 for calling Candace Owen a ‘coon,’ has said about a million times that everyone who supports Trump is a racist, said that he’d rather be in hell with the devil than in heaven with American evangelicals, and most recently said after the death of President Trump’s brother, Robert, that the wrong brother died and openly delighted in the thought of Trump passing away from the novel coronavirus.

In a post yesterday on Instagram, he explained that even if a dark-skinned person does something evil and violent towards a different race, or even their own race, that is still fueled by while men and women and his supremacy.

“Anti-Asian racism has the same source as anti-Black racism: white supremacy. So even when a Black person attacks an Asian person, the encounter is fueled very specifically by white supremacy. White supremacy does not require a white person to perpetuate it.”

This vileness, though expected from men such as these, will likely earn the bishop no rebuke from his denomination, the Church of God in Christ. Though billing themselves as ‘Holiness-Pentecostal’ denomination that would typically pride itself in issues of ‘personal holiness’ and godly character’ they continue to stay silent on controversies created and the hateful, racist posts being spewed forth on a near-daily basis from their bishop, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

bonus tweets from earlier in the year


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14 thoughts on “Racist Pastor ‘Black Violence Towards Asians is Fueled by White Supremacy’

  1. He also proves that the black “leaders” also “preach” to never take personal responsibility for your own actions.

    1. Johnny, you obviously still have no clue what the definition of ‘evangelical’ is, even though I’ve explained it to you twice now.
      Also, France is a post-Christian nation. Linking to a rabid leftist, socialist French newspaper to support your godless ideologies just makes you look even more stupid – if that were to be possible.
      [insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither sexually perverted nor mentally ill]

  2. Yeah, it’s right there. Didn’t ya’ll know? 11th commandment “If any of the preceding are violated, it’s whitey’s fault”

    But don’t tell us, Mr. Swan. Tell it to God. If you think that excuse will work with Him, I feel sorry for you.

    1. His violation of the 9th commandment, falsely accusing “white evangelicals” is also whitey’s fault, no doubt.

  3. Yet another narcissistic, showboating gasbag pontificating unbiblical gibberish. Swan can call himself ‘bishop’ or ‘prophet’ or even ‘pope’ – his words testify to the world that he’s nothing more than a morally and intellectually retarded, self-sanctimonious imbecile.

  4. “So even when a Black person attacks an Asian person, the encounter is fueled very specifically by white supremacy.”

    We’re in tin foil hat territory now.

    1. While he singles out “Dear white evangelicals” – which takes it into the territory of extremely stupid. If everyone is subject to it, then why address only whites? Is everything he does himself a helpless function of white supremacy? If so, then his assertions are also white supremacist (LOL), so we now have a down spiral of some of the dumbest, baseless circular logic in the history of mankind.

      Kinda get the feeling Mr. Swan’s lord and savior is the democrat party

      They cannot define, much less give concrete examples of, this new mystical and supposedly pervasive form of “white supremacy.” And of course, they don’t have to, because facts, logic, math and reason are, according to critical theory, “tools of white supremacy” – how convenient LOL. What they’re doing is cherry-picking statistics, looking for apparent disparities, while discarding all possible explanations for said apparent disparities that do not fit the narrative and further the objectives, then calling that absolute proof. That’s the closest they can get to defining it. The irony is that it’s so flipping stupid, if we didn’t care about them, we would be ridiculing and embarrassing them so badly they wouldn’t crawl out of their holes for years. But instead we reason with them. That alone disproves every flawed assumption and false accusation in their quiver.

      Must be nice to be able to commit any crime, engage in any sin, be as evil as possible, then die and have your Maker say “no worries, it’s whitey’s fault” whereupon you’re given massive reward in Heaven. How convenient.

      1. And that is not to say that they themselves are stupid or lesser. It’s to say that they are caught up in this mess, becoming brainwashed by it, and need to stop and think – most importantly turn to God’s Word.

  5. These woke people have turned their skin color into an idol. They worship themselves. Not God. That is clear. They get more riled up over someone calling them a racial slur than they do Hollywood using God’s name as a curse word. Mind boggling.

  6. Maybe he won’t have to worry about being in Heaven with those nasty evangelicals, after all.

    I think he’ll get his preference, since from all the evidence we have, the Lord has left him alone and to his own devices so naturally he aligns himself with “the god of this world” as he is referred to in scripture three times.

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