Exclusive: Jenna Ellis Withdraws From ‘Christian’ Conference Featuring Heretics and Scoundrels

Yesterday we wrote in our article “Three Oneness Pentecostals, an Adulterer, a Whoremonger, a Pillow Tycoon, and Trump’s Lawyer Headline a Conference Together…” about how a collective of false teachers, Trinity-deniers, and men whose scandal in their personal lives would give the guy sleeping with his father’s wife in 1 Corinthians 5 a run for his money. They were headlining what was promoted as a “Christian conference,” a three-day event in August called America’s Revival, whose goal was to “Make America Godly Again” and whose promo material states:

Join thousands of other God-fearing patriots as we gather for three days of powerful preaching, heartfelt worship and a call to prayer for our nation. This is not a time to bow down. This is not a time to back up.  This is a time to unify, lock arms and declare war on the Satanic agenda that seeks to destroy our families, our values and our nation.  It’s time for the church in America to have revival. 

This was not designed to be a political rally, but distinctly Christian in nature- comprising of preaching, teaching, worship, prayer, and pleading with the Lord to bring a much-needed revival to America.

Featuring “pastor” Greg Locke, Clayton Jennings, “pastor” Tony Spell, “pastor” Joshua Feuerstein, Draylin Young, Joseph Lupetz, Ken Peters, Mike Lindell, and Jenna Ellis, our post went on to detail that with few exceptions, half these men were proponents of false teaching and error that touched primary and foundation issues of Christian truth, and the other half lived lives that were far, far, faaaaar below reproach.

We reached out to several of the speakers attending, mostly through private messages on social media and got through to some of them.

For starters, we are pleased to announce that Jenna Ellis has withdrawn from the conference. Ellis is a sister in Christ who is perhaps best known as being an attorney and the former Senior Legal Adviser and Counsel to President Donald Trump, as well as the Special Counsel at the Thomas More Society who represented Pastor John MacArthur in his battle against the Los Angeles County and their efforts to shut Grace Community Church.

After being repeatedly tagged by our supporters on Twitter, she saw our post, read our articles, sought counsel, and now will no longer be attending this event, explaining that “I do NOT endorse that unsound doctrine.”

While this may seem like a no-brainer and something easy to do – her act of publicly withdrawing from an event on account of false teachers being present is incredibly rare, and she ought to be commended. It is not something that prominent Christian public figures are known to do, nor is it an easy or inconsequential thing.

It’s fantastic, and we thank God and her for it.

Furthermore, we reached out to two other men speaking at the conference. One man, who will be nameless for now, is considering his options and working out what to do in light of the information we shared with him, including Ellis’ departure. Another is likewise almost certainly going to withdraw, taking with them the last bit of light left.

A third speaker, Jospeh Zupetz, had his Partner Relations Director and personal assistant and respond to our message. He explained that Zupetz prayed about sharing a revival meeting with three Trinity-deniers and two men who emanate unrepentant scandal, and that he’s at peace with his decision to continue on attending. He wrote in part:

As you know, Joseph teaches the Word true and without wavering. He is very bold about preaching the Word, not religious doctrine.  Joseph is very much aware that some of the speakers at this event do not believe as we do or preach as we do.  Our goal is to be the light to not only the other speakers but also the people coming to this event. 

It is a massive opportunity to share the complete gospel that Joseph teaches with so many people. We will also be sharing and teaching on the prophetic gift which is something Joseph is called to do as well.  I want to reassure you that Joseph spent a lot of time in prayer about being part of this event.  He is at peace about being there. 

We believe God is opening up a door for this ministry to reach the masses with truth during a time when this country and the world need the truth and power of God more than ever.  Please be assured that we are not chasing after this event because of the “names” or the “numbers” that come with this event.  That has never, and will never be the force behind what we do at Z Ministries.  We are being led by the Holy Spirit in all that we are doing here including this event. Our goal with this even and any other is to be Jesus to the world.  

Pray for us as we continue to unravel this rat’s nest, and give thanks to those who exhibited wisdom and discernment for the love of the gospel and the truth of his word.

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive: Jenna Ellis Withdraws From ‘Christian’ Conference Featuring Heretics and Scoundrels

  1. It would be interesting if Zupetz gets himself booted by preaching against the sins of the other attendees. That would be the only legitimate reason for going anyways

  2. Now if attention can be brought to the issue of teachers, artists who are supposedly sound who are participating in the mish-mash of false teachers in the Sing! 2021 conference. Voddie Baucham, Joel Beeke, Jubilant Sykes (Grace Comm Church) all in with the likes of Karen Swallow Prior, Danny Akin, Dane Ortlund, woke Trip Lee, Shai Lin, & Trillia Newbell, etc. What a disaster!

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