Study: 41% of Black Christians Want to Keep Hybrid/ Online Church Model After Pandemic

In a disturbing bit of news, more than 4 in 10 black Christians say that they want to continue the hybrid model of Church service even after the threat of COVID is completely gone, adopting a mix of either in-person and online church services that congregants could attend at their will and discretion, without feeling one is better or worse than the other.

Furthermore, to add a bit of soul-crushing seasoning to that list, 7% of black congregants say they’d just as soon do away with the in-person church altogether and attend digital services only, according to the  Trends in the Black Church  study, which “conducted in partnership with Rev. Dr. Brianna K. Parker (of Black Millennial Cafe), Gloo, Urban Ministries, Inc., LEAD.NYC, American Bible Society and Compassion” according to Barna.”

This is nothing but pure disobedience, with the desire to “do church” through a webcam to be shameful, deleterious, and woefully unscriptural. We’re not talking about the option to simply stream a service, which is available for shut-ins and others who have a legitimate, pressing reason for not being there, but rather in instances where the whole formulation is done digitally. The “online church” is a wretched substitute for the real thing. It’s not CHURCH; only a pale shadow of it, and studies like this call into question how much these advocates for the hybrid church really love the Lord and his bride, given how separated and isolated from it they really seek to be.

h/t Christina Post and Barna

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2 thoughts on “Study: 41% of Black Christians Want to Keep Hybrid/ Online Church Model After Pandemic

  1. “conducted in partnership with Rev. Dr. Brianna K. Parker”
    Not surprised that a church that is already ignoring God’s commands on female “pastors”, will also ignore the command to meet. When a church has terrible theology and picks and chooses what they feel like they want to obey and not to obey, there are much deeper problems. For these types of churches I would also say it is a blessing that they stayed closed (or digital, which is the same thing) forever. The true sheep will then find a true church.

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