Andy Stanley says ‘You Have To Offend White People’ Or Else They’ll Never Repent Of Racism

North Point Community Church “impastor” Andy Stanley continued his wretched job of smarmily assessing what’s wrong with Christendom and then explaining why he and his church are nailing it 24/7- this time as it pertains to issues of race and racial reconciliation. Usually one famous for pushing the seeker-sensitive model, when it comes to topic he advocates for blunt conversation and an insistence on ‘offending white people’ in order so they can confront how racist they truly are.

Stanely has been on a roll since the pandemic hit, telling members that the “Foundation of our Faith is not the Whole Bible,” that the Lord does not require them to meet for church, that George Floyd was “This Generation’s Samson,” and to “Sleep late and skip church” during Father’s Day.

From the 400 Leadership Summit hosted by the OneRace Movement, when asked how he gets his church engaged in anti-racism work, given that his church is predominantly white and won’t care about this issue, as it hasn’t affected them much, he explains:

You have to offend white people with this topic [racism] to get their attention. It can’t be stated in balanced tones or we don’t even hear it, because no white person really thinks they’re a racist and they don’t even think they’re prejudiced. We don’t. And issues of reparations, all those things, it’s like, “Well, that wasn’t us and that wasn’t you, and why are we even talking about it?”

I really am convinced you have to push harder on that topic to even get a white man’s attention. And I know this from personal experience, in terms of things said in sermons, things that our other pastors have said in sermons that finally, you know it’s only when we get negative email that I know, well, we finally got their attention. They finally heard what we were saying, because it is so it is buried, so deep, and it is so easily dismissed.

And especially for white men who have very few interactions with black men or have virtually no black friends who are in conversations within, which we can talk about in a few minutes.

so part of it is, you know, the scripture addresses so many topics, but when it comes to this topic, because virtually no white man thinks they are guilty, it’s not enough to-, you have to push and push and push to the point where, “Hey. wait a minute. I think you’re pushing an agenda.” Well, you’re finally listening. I’ve finally gotten to that point of your conscience that it’s bothered by this.

h/t to WokePreacherTV for the clip and transcript.

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9 thoughts on “Andy Stanley says ‘You Have To Offend White People’ Or Else They’ll Never Repent Of Racism

  1. “no white person really thinks they’re a racist and they don’t even think they’re prejudiced”

    I used to think that, but after years of being bludgeoned by PC-culture’s CRT baton I just don’t care anymore. I’m also fairly sure Andy Stanley thinks these black people will really like him after he denigrated an entire group of people based off their skin color.

    The only reason liberals use term “racism” is because conservatives are petrified of that label sticking to them. If conservatism wouldn’t fold over every time they were called the r-word it wouldn’t be effective and liberals would stop shouting it. If an argument ever descends to the level of liberals shouting “racism” the correct response is “so what?” and say it like like you don’t even care that they think you’re a racist (because they already do).

  2. Remember the liberation theology mantra- anyone who denies the problem is the problem. Progressives are taught to frame anyone who denies the problem as proof of the problem itself.
    For them, Jesus is the fulcrum of “love” around which the Christian church is to be converted into an NGO charity worldwide. And, as I’ve said before, whether it’s black liberation theology, feminist liberation theology, Hispanic liberation theology, etc, the only sin is the denial of liberation theology itself for which there is no atonement. Deniers are to be exterminated by any means necessary as people who don’t believe in “equality” or these days it’s called “equity.” Mr Stanley doesn’t give a rat’s rump if all the people who write him emails leave his church. He’s proud to brag and show off how offensive he is to the “haters” in his church to his progressive overlords. Kicking them out of the church for not being “followers of Christ” is just the beginning if it’s not halted.

  3. “the foundation of our faith is not the whole bible”. Well Jesus is the foundation however he is clearly seen on every page of the OT as well as the NT. “the Lord does not require them to meet for church”. We do not go to church as we are the church. Your building is not the church. “George Floyd is this generations Samson”. Seeing as George Floyds memorial mural was just blasted by a lightning bolt, I can only assume God was not pleased with the counterfeiter drug addict. 3 for 3 idiot statements by Andy.

  4. News flash: Andy Stanley is a Normal evangelical and stands with 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    1. News flash: Johnny has no clue what ‘evangelical’ means, nor the fact that God absolutely, unequivocally does not ‘stand’ for anything or anyplace represented by his tiny flags.

  5. What a hypocrite he is. He lives in Atlanta and thinks white people don’t interact with black people?! I grew up in Atlanta and know the truth about the race relations there. The media doesn’t like it and it doesn’t fit the woke haters (like Johnny’s) narrative. Notice you hear no more about the crime in Buckhead. The media is crickets now with that.

  6. These brainless white democrat busybodies need to just admit they’re racist, and be done with it. Quit projecting their own sins onto everyone else. Quit blaming skin color, everyone and everything else, for their sins and the wickedness that is in their own heart, and repent.

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