Kyle J. Howard Summarized in 3 Days

We’ve been a bit quiet on the Kyle J. Howard front as of late. Not because there isn’t ample content to deal with, but rather because we’re suspecting that he is a bit of a masochist who gets off on trauma porn, chiefly his own, and so every time we post about him he reads it and then gets retraumatized over and over again, which makes him want to read more. It is a vicious cycle, and we are loathed to reward him for his efforts and his race-based proclivities.

Still, for posterity, here are a small collection of tweets over the last three days, giving a casual observer with no knowledge at all a glimpse of who Howard is, including his go-to move of painting all white Christians as a bunch of racists, and then mocking them when they get upset at the insult, as well as making insanelyracists comments that he would never let a white person say if the race was reversed.

8 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard Summarized in 3 Days

  1. Let’s face it: the guy is probably his own best customer for racial trauma. I mean can you imagine if you can never solve the endless conundrum of whether you should pay reparations or receive them or even both. Given his mental issues, what exactly does his wife see in him as it doesn’t appear as if he is supporting her or even contributing much. Is he a kept man?

    1. He is an easy target — because he makes himself so — which just feeds this insane cycle of victimhood. Dollars to donuts that his parents would admit their son has pretty much never really taken responsibility for his failures. His wife, at least by this point, likely has realized the same thing. Yet he has to always rely on blaming something, or someone else, for his issues and failures (we all have sin, failures, etc). If he would just take responsibility then his life would be radically different. But he has backed himself into this corner of deceit and deadly outcomes by always doubling-down on blaming others. His way is literally hopeless. It would not be surprising if he does something tragic, perhaps attempting to take his own life. Such is the way of this trap…..

  2. It’s like listening to an insufferable 12-year-old drama queen…
    Exactly what does this guy have to do with the Gospel again?

    1. What a sad and miserable life you must lead. Just pathetic. But at least you provide us proof positive of the hate, intolerant, anti-diverse hate speech that comes from the non-Christian (and sadly christian) left.

  3. So with all his degrees and learnin’ he still can’t put food on the table? Perhaps doing something useful would pay better. Wait till he has to shell out $700 for new glasses! Sorry sir, it doesn’t get better with age.

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