Andy Stanley Agrees with Rabid Heretic Feminist that Christians Should not Strive to be ‘Biblical’

Jory Micah continues prancing into apostasy without a care in the world, giving the world a living, breathing emblem of what it means to be wholly without the mind of Christ. Known across social media as a breath of fresh-air for those man-hating liberal feminazi types who want to pretend like they still practice some form of piety while hating anything and everything about the God revealed in Scripture, she’s managed to get none other than Andy Stanley to agree with her give her cover for her wretched beliefs.

Not particularly unique or original in her own right, she is essentially the knock-off brand of Jen Hatmaker, or perhaps the Wish version of Beth Moore, only about 20 percent more honest, and she unleashed on the world of fresh controversy when she explained that the goal for Christians is not to be “Biblical” but Christlike”

This is because she doesn’t believe the bible and despises half the things it says, resulting in her being pro-LGBTQ, pro-choice, denying the existence of hell, and routinely referring to God as a woman. Its no wonder she doesn’t want anyone to be biblical!

This plays nicely with Stanley, who frequently holds similar views in terms of the bible’s usefulness and the degree we ought to follow it.

For a brief reminder of the various theological controversies surrounding Stanley, he made waves for encouraging Christians to essentially throw out the Old Testament, arguing that believers should “unhitch” themselves from portions of Old Testament Scripture. This is essentially a spin-off of the heresy of Marcionism. He went on the warpath against doctrine in general, claiming that “unity is more important than theology.” Stanley argued that Jesus’ birth doesn’t really matter, thus casting doubt upon his supernatural birth and the events surrounding the nativity and also tacitly denounced Biblical inerrancy, at least in the eyes of many.

She writes:

One commenter, Matt, nicely summed up the problem with Micah’s and Stanley’s Views

Micah and Stanley have an idea of who Jesus is in their minds, and they want to define him absent and apart from the only source we have infallible knowledge of him.

And it shows.

8 thoughts on “Andy Stanley Agrees with Rabid Heretic Feminist that Christians Should not Strive to be ‘Biblical’

  1. In other words Andy Stanley is a Normal evangelical and stands with 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    1. One thing that anyone who knows God’s Word realizes is that The Great I Am absolutely does not “stand” today with anything represented by your tiny flags.
      Johnny, you need to ask yourself the question, exactly what god are you worshipping?

    2. That’s not an evangelical Biblical Christian, but then you already know this Johnny, where did someone hurt you that you have to lash out @ Jesus by attacking His Flock?

  2. These two heretics are perfect for each other – today’s religious flavors of the month, leading ignorant, naive, and undiscerning Christians down the road to Hell. A sad indictment of the growing number of people calling themselves believers, yet knowing nothing of God’s Word.

  3. Typical apostates squirming for every possible angle they can think of to rationalize the irrational, in friendship with the world and enmity with God. I’d like to hear them try to explain how “Biblical” and “Christlike” are at odds. Which part of the Bible (which is Jesus’ Word, being God ) is not Christlike? And which parts are these arrogant megalomaniac apostates going to replace with their own opinions and dictates, that would supposedly have greater authority, to which we are all then required to adhere?

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