Al Mohler Loses SBC Presidency. Pastor who Lets his Wife Preach is the Victor

In a dark day for Southern Baptists, Pastor Ed Litton has won the SBC presidency, defeating Al Mohler, Mike Stone, and Randy Adams to take the helm of the floundering denomination.

In a stunning upset, the first round of ballots knocked off Mohler, who only received 26.32% of the vote, as well as Adams, who got 4.71%. It was Mohler’s race to lose, being seen as the heir apparent and elder statesman of the SBC, and he was crushed. This left Stone with 36.48% and 32.38% for Litton, heading into a runoff.

Demonstrating that the conservatives were right to reject Mohler, his contingency broke left and voted for the most progressive candidate in the race, giving Litton the win, 52%-48; vindicating those who have been sounding the clarion call about Mohler for years and those who support them.

One of the intangible variables that we’ll likely never know is what impact the fake-controversy of Hannah Kate’s meeting with Mike Stone had on voters. This encounter resulted in a story of Stone causing a sex-abuse victim to burst into tears as he insensitively told her that she was bad for the SBC, causing her to retreat into the protection of her advocates and defenders, including one of J.D. Greear’s Worship Pastors, Michael Georges Jr, who was at her side and who we have discussed here.

If there is one upside, Litton will likely prove to be more open and transparent about his beliefs than Mohler has been (though lying about his wife preaching isn’t a good start).

His victory has also brought some stark clarity to the Southern Baptist Convention about what drift the show runners are oriented towards, and we fully expect a mass exodus by conservative congregations from the denomination over the next few years.

Ed Litton won the SBC Presidency.

Time to reap the whirlwind.

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11 thoughts on “Al Mohler Loses SBC Presidency. Pastor who Lets his Wife Preach is the Victor

  1. Two things seem odd to me:
    After the vote yesterday I searched for any articles about the vote and election. For hours the only articles up were from Main Stream Media, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. I just found it odd they had such interest in a Christian organization and reported so quickly.

    Eventually, posted a detailed count of the votes. In the first round, 14,283 votes were cast: 5,216 Stone; 4,630 Litton; 3,764 Mohler; 673 Adams. In the run-off, only 13,112 votes were cast: 6,834 Litton; 6,278 Stone.

    That’s 1,171 fewer votes in the run-off. Where did everyone go? What was so important that 1,171 out of town pastors and messengers staying in hotels couldn’t stick around for a run-off vote? Seems like it becomes even more important to vote the second time. Isn’t a run-off a rare and fairly exciting event? I’m sure they didn’t slip off to the bar like at other conventions. Just wondering if they used Dominion to count the votes?

    1. I thought it was just my searching skill, or lack there of. Until this article that connected to Capstone there was only the left view.

  2. It was very obvious what was going to happen. Still, it never ceases to amaze me how predictable Democrats inside the church can be and how they can be counted on to mimic the methods and even many of the goals of Democrats outside the church.

    It’s all about manipulating the women with sexist accusations in the run-up to the vote. Then, in turn, all the stirred-up women manipulating the men… before the vote is about to take place. This method has successfully worked year after year, decade after decade.

    Wasn’t their something in The Garden about being deceived? They’ve now successfully led astray every major denomination.

  3. Litton preaching that I have unrepentant sin BECAUSE I am white should be enough to remove him from the ministry let alone the SBC Presidency. I am created in the image of God, a sinner yes, but I do not recall ever owning or condoning the owning of another human being. He is saying God’s creation was not perfect.

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