Disgraced Pastor James MacDonald Calls Reporter a ‘GossipS***’ for Asking about Latest Money Grab

A disgraced pastor has launched a blistering series of invectives against Reporter Julie Roys as a result of being questioned over a fundraising email he sent to supporters, the result of him engaging in some serious revisionist history in order to explain away his many acts of monetary malfeasance.

James MacDonald was the Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC), which for years was burning through the sacrificial tithes and offerings of their congregants in order to enable the mammon-loving of their leader. MacDonald had his employment officially terminated by the elder board in November of 2019, which declared him to so far removed from above reproach, that they raked him over the coals sixty ways to Sunday and called him out for the abusive, greedy, two-fold son of hell that he is. 

It was eventually revealed that during his time there, the church, hardly guiltless in his enablement, gave him a nearly unlimited checking account and let him spend $170,851 on hunting and fishing trips, $200,000 on “home security,” $139,502 on meals and entertainment, and $94,017 on clothing and eyewear in just a three-year period

In a story written at the Roys Report, Roys explains how she contacted him over an email he sent former Walk in the Word supporters. In the missive, MacDonald goes to great length to paint his firing as a personal agenda that has no basis in reality, denying any responsibility for being kicked out and flipping the script on his old church.

He told potential supporters “Tragically . . . I was thrown out of the church we gave our lives to by a group of rogue leaders” while describing the actions to oust him by his elders as false accusations that were concocted “as a pure act of vindictiveness” that was designed to cover their looting of his Walk in the Word Ministry, which at the time was worth millions.

As a result of his reputation in shambles, his ability to fundraise has been greatly impacted, going from over 4000 “financial partners” to a mere 150. Irked to no end, MacDonald notes that “only a small number of former listeners responded positively” and that many “who [were] stumbled by the public deception sent many hateful words.”

When Roys reached out to him, MacDonald invited her to discuss her “many many lies” about him in a public forum.

She did not immediately respond to his request, and he called her a host of nasty names while claiming that she declined, which she had not done.

While we have had many disagreements with Roys, her reporting of MacDonald has been impeccable, and he should count it lucky that his false bravado and insults did not result in a real-face-to-face, as she has the receipts to prove all her allegations against him.

8 thoughts on “Disgraced Pastor James MacDonald Calls Reporter a ‘GossipS***’ for Asking about Latest Money Grab

    1. Actually, that is exactly what she is. We did a couple of articles analyzing her work and she is as bad as he claims.

    1. Actually, she did not nail it with Mr. Zacharias. She distorted the facts, lied, and spread false information. IN our series on Mr. Zacharias, we found that he may have been innocent of all charges. But Roy has a feminist non-Christian agenda and she does not listen to the truth. Our name gives you our website

    1. With Roy, there is no way to keep it classy. She makes National Enquirer reporters look honest

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