Priscilla Shirer Attacks the Bible as ‘Hand-me-down Revelation’

From a recently unearthed 2019 clip, Lifeway darling Priscilla Shirer, daughter of Pastor Tony Evans, demonstrates with startling clarity why she is such an objectionably terrible preacher and bible teacher, framing scripture as just “hand-me-down-the-revelation” that is not sufficient.

In the clip below, apologist Chris Rosebrough details why her exegesis is so bad and why she’s just making stuff up on the fly, like some weird theological improv show where this time, the hecklers are the heroes.

In the clip, she is saying that having a preacher teach the scripture is insufficient and not personalized enough, that it gets stale, old, and is a mark of immaturity to not seek more. In contrast, it is a sign of growth and wisdom to want more than that, and so seek some “revelation” that is new, fresh, and personalized just for you.

Speaking within the context of receiving clothing hand-me-downs, Shirer creates the analogy by recounting how one year as a young girl she was not excited to get hand-me-downs, because the clothes “had not been specifically chosen for me.”

And I’ve been okay with hand-me-downs with secondhand clothes all of these years, but all of a sudden I want of my own stuff. I wanted something to come with my name on it that had specifically been chosen for me. There ought to come a time in your relationship with the Lord, when hand-me-down revelation just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

There ought to come a little bit of disconcerting, a little bit of maturity in your walk with God where you become a little bit unsettled to only be spoon-fed the Word of God from someone else to you.

Now, we thank God for our pastors and our teachers and our leaders that help us to rightly divide the word of truth *but* there ought to come a time in your life where you’ve decided, “You know what? I want fresh revelation with my name on it that has come straight from God’s Spirit for my life.

h/t to Doctrinal Watchdog for the reference and Chris Rosebrough for the clip.

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9 thoughts on “Priscilla Shirer Attacks the Bible as ‘Hand-me-down Revelation’

  1. Justin Peters famously said, “If you want to hear God speak to you, read your Bible. If you want to hear God speak to you audibly…read it aloud.” ‘Nuff said.

  2. Years ago we were members of a generally solid Bible-believing Baptist church.  However, the women’s group studied one of Shirer’s books that claimed to teach you how to hear from God. That’s nonsensical on its face, of course, as if God isn’t speaking to you, there is nothing to hear, and if God is speaking to you, then you couldn’t miss it if you tried.  She turned the story of Samuel on its head, claiming that Samuel needed to learn how to hear from God.  Sadly, the pastors were reluctant to get involved and correct the women.

    You’d have to be biblically ignorant not to immediately dismiss her false teachings. She’s a clever wolf, actively teaching you to ignore the Bible and go with your own feelings of what God is supposedly telling you directly. That won’t turn out well.

  3. This segment on its own…without the entire context…this could easily be interpreted as saying that as we mature in Christ, we will be drawn to digging into our Bible on our own and learning to hear God speaking to us directly through His Word.

    I haven’t heard her teachings, so I cannot judge.

  4. Priscialla Shirer is bringing in “New Beginnings” the occultic agenda to bring in the Great Lord, the Anti Christ. In these last days, Satan wants the world to hear HIS voice, and not Gods voice thru the Scriptures. Her “fresh” word comes straight from New Age matriarch Alice Bailey who stressed the Church needs a ‘fresh’ orientation…. (Externalization of the Hierarchy). Bailey was promoting this fresh direction would lead the masses to accept their divinity. (Enter Joyce Meyer “We are little gods.”) Shirer is typical of the false teachers today who are declaring themselves “the Davids” (spirit people) as opposed to the “Sauls” (written word people). This war in the Church between the Davids and Sauls comes DIRECTLY from the “Wars of David” prophesied by 16th century mystic Jane Lead. And, good ole heretics Rick Joyner and Mike Bickle of IHOP promote…guess what… “Davidic Wars!” So, basically, there is a warring of the false Rhema in the Church against the true Logos. And, don’t leave out apostate Rick Warren who wants us to ‘read the King James in NEW FRESH ways.” Purpose Driven Life. And sadly Anne Graham Lotz wants us, when in distress, to ask God for a FRESH vision so we can see His glory. NO, He says, “Search the Scriptures for they testify of ME!” John 5 “And in the last days men will no longer endure sound doctrine but embrace doctrines of demons.”

  5. What people don’t realize that this “Fresh New” “truth” comes STRAIGHT from Alice Bailey New Age matriarch. In order for the “Great Lord”
    to come, (anti Christ), Men have to experience “FREEDOM FROM DOCTRINE”. In other words, there needs to be a FRESH orientation in the Church. This means, NO MORE written Truth! Satan wants us to hear HIS voice, so he is desparate to eradicate the need for the true Logos. So, enter the FALSE “Rhema” thats in the Church. Enter Rick Warren who wants us to read the Bible in “new , Fresh” ways. And false teachers Stephen Furtick and Benny Hinn want us to experience “new Fresh” anointings. And the Catholic church wants us to experience a Fresh outpouring of the “spirit”. Charismatic Jim Cymbala wants Fresh Fire. Hillsong singers want a “Fresh Wind” . Anne Graham Lotz, wants us to, when in despair, to ask God to “open the heavens” so you can experience a “Fresh vision” of His glory. And on it goes. The false Rhema in the Church is WARRING against the true Logos and oblivious pastors world wide are going with this apostasy. If you want to hear Gods voice Read your Bible out loud! “Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures for they testify of Me!” John 5

  6. I watch the entire Priscilla Shirer video and she summed it up in “God breathed a word coming to life in the power of the Holy Spirit to speak to you, to give you guidance and direction in your own personal life.“
    While I do not agree with everything Priscilla Shirer teaches (she apparently has not read Acts 2:38 or I Peter 3:21) I cannot find fault with this lesson.
    She is saying that we need to be in God’s word so much that when the Spirit moves us, we are able to hear it.

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