Hunh. Bethel Church Launches Web Series Offering In-depth Responses to Their Controversial Beliefs

In a surprising move, Bethel Church in Redding, CA has launched a YouTube Web series titled “Rediscover Bethel’ featuring an in-depth Q&A that addresses some of their beliefs and distinctives.

‘Rediscover Bethel’ is a video series that addresses common questions and misconceptions about Bethel Church in Redding, California. This series specifically covers Bethel’s theological beliefs, teachings, and practices—featuring Senior Leader Bill Johnson, Senior Associate Leader Kris Vallotton, and Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly. This series includes videos on Bible translations, Jesus’ deity, physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit, theology of healing, the gospel of repentance, prophecy, and much more.

During the first episode, they address topics like:

  • Jesus Christ is Perfect Theology
  • The Theology of Sickness and Healing
  • The Sovereignty of God
  • Is The Passion Translation Heresy?
  • What Bethel Believes About The Gospel and The Cross
  • Communion and The Sacrifice of Jesus for Humanity

They spend about 20 minutes on each topic, with the pastors fielding questions from the host that offer the controversial leaders the opportunity to sit in the hot seat.

While he does offer some clarity to a point, unfortunately he might as well be sitting on a block of ice with the air conditioner cranked to 11 for all the tough questions and follow-up Johnson is given.

For example, in the topic of healings and miracles, he clarifies what he believes, but a very obvious follow-up question is, “Then why do you wear glasses?” or “Then what about your deaf son?” or “Then why did your church and the supernatural school of ministry repeatedly shut down their school and the healing rooms on account of COVID?” or “Why was an outbreak at your school responsible for shutting down a county of over 175,000 people if your ministry has such an emphasis and belief on healing?”

But these were left unasked and unanswered. Rather, he says that he believes it is God’s will to heal everyone and then later contradicts it with a story of how “one lady, as I was praying for I could tell you…that if I prayed for healing, it would grieve (The Holy Spirit).”

He explains that when it comes to healing “I can’t pray ‘if it’s your will’ because for me, that’s a prayer of unbelief.”

When the host brings up Joni Eareckson Tada, who’s been paralyzed for years, and what to make of that and her faith, Johnson is introspective and falters, offering:

[I] can’t wrap my head around it…I would never want them to somehow feel less than, or that they don’t have enough faith, or that somehow this is, you know, God’s punishment on their life for that nonsense. I don’t want to do that. But I also don’t want to create a theology…around what doesn’t happen? You know, I mean, I don’t have good, I don’t have explanations at all.

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  1. It appears that the nefarious, perverted little gremlin Rotten Johnny has nothing to say on this article. Perhaps it doesn’t play to his song sheet.

  2. The fact that a single person believes the satanic nonsense from Bethel is bad enough. The fact that many thousands believe it is frightening.

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