Denomination That Split from SBC Elects First Trans ‘Pastor’

Mere weeks after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) elected their first transgendered bishop to lead the mainline protestant denomination, a Baptist denomination has followed suit, welcoming Laura Bethany Buchleiter to become the trans man to be ordained within the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF).

The CBF was formed nearly 30 years ago after a group of malcontent Southern Baptist Churches decided that they wanted to ordain women into ministry. They insisted that they were still conservative, but argued that the scriptures permitted the ladies to be ordained and therefore needed to follow their consciences. As a result, nearly 1400 churches and hundreds of thousands of members jumped ship, formally cutting ties with the SBC a decade later.

Since 1990, the years have not been kind to the denomination. The ordination of women was like being a dam that burst, carrying with it other deviant beliefs like approval of homosexuality and tolerance for abortion that soon became a mainstay within the denomination, with many churches having openly gay leaders. Consequently, the trans ordination is merely more proof of their unfaithfulness and a harbinger of further damnation and judgment.

To wit – the 49-year old Buchleiter divorced his wife in 2014 after coming out as trangendered, and then came out as a lesbian in 2016, much to the surprise of his three children. He spent several years at Christian Theological Seminary before ultimately joining the staff at University Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana, under the auspices of current pastrix Annet Hill Briggs. About Buchleiter’s ordination, she told the Hoosier Times:

Our church self identifies as a church that listens to the call of the people irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. It’s not relevant to us. We’re not ordaining Laura Beth because she is transgender.

If you hate your ears, have a sermon from him.

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9 thoughts on “Denomination That Split from SBC Elects First Trans ‘Pastor’

  1. Evangelicals are accepting LGBTQAP++ and we need to accept this. It’s 2021 not the dark ages 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    1. We accept that they have a mental illness. We do not call sin normal, we do not call sin acceptable.

    2. The world accepts all kind of sin, elevates it, celebrates it. Believers are called to stand in truth, and the truth is that God doesn’t not abide sin, no matter how much the world “normalizes” it. There is nothing more unloving than to cheer people on to hell because you’ve told them their sin won’t send them there.

    3. Oh, goodie. The troll has come back. Johnny, you obviously hate everything and everyone here. Why stay? Go and do something productive with your life and pray your eyes are open to the Truth before it is too late for you.

  2. Women will always take the church in a progressive, Marxist, sexual licentiousness-affirming direction. Denominational histories in the US show that if you vote to ordain women, they will then in turn vote to ordain gays and the rest of the lgbtq+ agenda, and teach that abortion is ‘complicated.’ Every time. I think that is what Paul meant by using the Eden comparison in 1Tim2:14. Women leaders seem more likely than men to desire to be ‘as gods,’ to be deceived by enticements to power, judging for themselves what is good or evil, to covet power even over God himself. Satan knew what to do in the garden.

    Look at the mainline Protestant churches led by women. All of them have converted into selling Christianity as a progressive secular political power. Look at what Catholics say about the demon that calls itself Mary. It claims authority, and Catholics willingly invest it with authority, over Jesus and even over God the Father. The entity ‘Mary’ is elevated to the point that the Godhead is subject to her requests and intercession. I can provide quotes that support that assertion.

    That doesn’t mean that there aren’t many faithful women in the church. That also does not mean that men are ideal and faithful church leaders. Many churches and denominations have gone off the rails while being led by men. In fact ALL of them kicked the snowball rolling downhill under the leadership of men. And just take a look at the entire Old Testament history of Israel. Men are NOT a sure thing when it comes to faithful leadership. Not by a long shot. Hosea blasted the male leaders of Israel in Hosea chapter 4. But even so men seem marginally better than women at leading the church. Sometimes.

    1. I have really done a 180 on this issue over the last year. I agree with you, Kitty. I went back and read 1 Tim 2:14 after reading your comment and seeing 1 minute of that video and you are exactly right. The woke culture tells these people “you are great” when they are mentally ill and need help. They are told “you are great” to fit in a political ideology that is far bigger than them and only is to use them. This person is very troubled and needs help. Not coddling. Very sad.

  3. When you ordain women and mock God all manner of sin and abomination will follow.
    Men were created as a similitude of Jesus, the Betrothed, Head, Husband, Lord and Master of his bride, the church and saints.
    Women are created as a similitude of the bride. (church and saints)
    This is why female Bishops and Deacons are an abomination. They mock Christ as Jesus is the Bishop of our soul.
    When they try to justify female bishops and deacons it becomes blasphemy of the Holy Ghost as scripture was recorded by holy men of old as they were moved by the Holy Ghost and Jesus said he that speaks a word against the Holy Ghost shall never have forgiveness.
    Transgender Pastors are an abomination if they say they have the wrong body.
    Since he is divorced and saying he is a lesbian it doubles and triples the abomination.
    Identifying as female disqualifies him, as does divorce for trans reasons instead of adultery and identifying as lesbian does as well.
    This is just all around abomination and blasphemy and why we have the plagues of Egypt upon America and the world as well as the wrath to come.
    Just amazing how fallen Christianity has become.
    “Mystery the bride” has become “Mystery, Babylon, Mother Of All Harlots And Abominations.”

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