Presbyterian Church Allows Only the Vaccinated to Attend In-Person Services – Non-Vaxxed Must Watch Online

A California Church has offered a particularly evil carrot and stick to its congregants: get vaccinated or you cannot attend in-person church services with the rest of the body.

The decision to segregate church attendees according to their medical history, creating a two-tiered system with vaccinated congregants allowed to attend but unvaccinated needing to do online services, or not come at all, comes from First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana, a PCUSA congregation in the heart of California.

On their website, they explain fully vaccinated attendees cannot attend freely, but that they must adhere to the conditions of wearing a mask at all times, even while singing, and practicing strict social distancing.

  1. Wear a mask that covers both nose and mouth;
  2. Stay 6 feet apart from others who don’t live with you; 
  3. One family at a time in the elevator;
  4. Avoid touching common surfaces;
  5. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
  6. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available;
  7. Avoid touching your face;
  8. During worship, sing softly with your mask on.

This, they say, is in accordance to CDC and state guidelines, and comes after a year of meeting online – never having a regular service since the pandemic started over 15 months ago.

This is not a government mandate, but rather is an example of the minister policing the laity on the basis of their health. Though the pastors in charge obviously think this is acceptable, we wonder whether or not they’d be so crass as to separate the church based on whether or not they were HIV positive, or telling those with Hepatitis C to stay home and watch the service on Zoom.

We doubt it. Anyone coming up on a sight like this ought to instantly turn and walk away right back where they came, shaking the dust from their feet.

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24 thoughts on “Presbyterian Church Allows Only the Vaccinated to Attend In-Person Services – Non-Vaxxed Must Watch Online

  1. Click bait. The title of the article says that unvaccinated can’t come at all. In the article, you state that they can come if the follow guidelines. So you attack a fellow church because they decided to meet under mandated state guidelines than continue to not meet at all. The example you used about HIV or Hep C, I’m pretty sure there aren’t state mandated laws that require separation of these. My bible told Me to follow the laws of the land. But you blast another church for doing exactly that. You paint fellow Christians as the bad guy in this when you should be pointing you finger at the state. Very poor and divisive perspective.

    1. Are you sure you read the article? It said those that are vaccinated still have to meet all those requirements, which is funny because if they really were vaccinated, and there’s much evidence to suggest there are no vaccines that are approved so quickly but rather it’s something else and very sinister, why would all these other requirements necessary?

      I am specifically referring to the greatly outdated social distancing requirement, which originated back in the 1890s during an epidemic of tuberculosis. Little outdated, don’t you think?

      By the way, Which version of the Bible do you use, the “new living translation?”

      1. You are correct, their website does state that the this is for vaccinated people. My apologies. Still doesn’t negate the fact that the church is being attacked in this article for following the law. The outdated social distancing that you are concerned about needs to be addressed with CDC and local government. That is where the fight should be, not attacking fellow Christians for trying to meet for worship.

        And the same goes for the pejorative comment about which version of the bible. Romans 13:1-2 is pretty clear regardless of what translation you use. I agree, PCUSA is very liberal and the reason for the split in 73. I would never attend one. But I think there are better ways to approach the subject the article was written for.

    2. Not sure which article you read but it sure wasn’t this one. You not only missed the mark you didn’t even see the mark.

    3. You didn’t read it very well. It says those who ARE FULLY VACCINATED can come to church only if they obey those rules. Unvaccinated stay home.

    4. The PCUSA is NOT a fellow church. It is completely heretical and only teaches worldliness while denying all of the essentials of the faith. It is unfortunate that they didn’t stay closed longer.

  2. Given that this occurred in a PCUSA church, one of the apostate mainline denominations, should we be surprised? My worries that the PCA is heading the same way and pretty quickly. What comes out of this summer’s general assembly should be very interesting..

    One has to wonder if this church also has female pastors or even homosexual ones or both?

  3. Like most “churches”, they are of the Devil. Especially the Catholic church (Vatican means “divining serpent”). Anyone that reads scripture and understands Yeshua Jesus Christ knows there is only ONE CHURCH.




    Learn what the STAR OF REMPHAN is.

    1. Do you use Hebrew names for every person in the bible or just for Jesus? Does using a Hebrew name for Jesus make you extra special spiritual? The star of Remphan has NOTHING, zero, zip, to do with the Star of David. Maybe YOU should learn what that means. Jesus taught in the synagogue in Capernaum. On the entrance to this synagogue is the star of David. One would think Jesus would have pointed out the “evil” of this symbol if it was indeed evil. Obviously it wasn’t and isn’t. You used this to espouse your beliefs (not all of which are wrong by any means) but it had nothing to do with the article.

      1. NOWHERE in the books is that symbol referred to as the “Star of David”.
        Unless you’d like to quote chapter and verse.

        It IS referred to as the Star of Remphan.

      2. Acts 7:43 You have taken along the tabernacle of Molech and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship. Therefore I will send you into exile beyond Babylon.’

      3. Yeshua in fact calls the followers of this symbol what they are.
        When speaking to the Pharisees, he states “You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”
        He wasn’t speaking pejoratively. He wasn’t just insulting them. He was speaking literally of their TRUE genealogy. He was speaking of the 2 bloodlines from the time of the garden of Eden, the offspring of Adam and Eve (which was Able) and the offspring of Lucifer and Eve (which was Cain).

        Those you call “Jews” are the Pharisees of the new testament, and are the actual, literal descendants of the Devil himself.
        As attested to by Yeshuha. And as admitted in the Talmud, as well as innumerable other locations.

  4. If you are fully vaccinated, there should be no need for masks or distancing in the congregation. There are PCUSA churches that are not putting these burdens on their congregants. The pastor is using poor judgment and is alluding to his own fears and/or lack of vaccination.


  5. Bottom lines- The moral point is that since vaccination is now available to everyone, nobody has a right to hassle others over their choices since you can just get vaccinated yourself and remove almost all risk from yourself.
    If you are vaccinated you are at no risk from the unvaccinated and should have no say over their decision or whether they come or not and have no reason to wear a mask.
    If you are not vaccinated, you can wear a mask and mildly reduce risk but you will catch COVID-19 inevitably. But you have no say over what other people do
    If you decide not to be vaccinated that is your choice. Just realize that you will get COVID-19 eventually. If you are <60 yo and have no risk factors getting COVID-19 is likely not a big deal – little risk of mortality but if you are in the small number who get sick and hospitalized you do run a reasonable risk of long-haul covid with longstanding debilitating heart or lung disease in your future.

    I know a lot about virology, covid, vaccines, and public health. I decided to get vaccinated despite a lowish risk of mortality because I did not want to risk long-haul COVID and did not want to infect others in my household. At this point, being vaccinated, I think everyone should be offered the opportunity to be vaccinated but I do not care if they do or do now, wear a mask or don't wear it since it does not affect me and anyone who it could affect should just get a vaccination, not hassle other people over their masking behavior.

  6. The government needs to arrest these Unvaccinated spreaders. Romans 13. It’s about loving your neighbor. Call the FBI on Unvaccinated domestic terrorists.

  7. Covid 19 was the biggest social experiment the world powers ever concocted. They wanted to see how much control they had over their people and sadly the lemmings just listened to their overlords like stupid little dogs. Wake up, people.

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