Our Publisher Has Been Suspended From Facebook

Like clockwork, our social media overlords have issued a command on high and gave our publisher, JD Hall, a 24-hour suspension from Facebook. Furthermore, they have deleted this post, which we have published in its entirety here.

The last time he defied them by making the outrageous, anti-scientific claims that men are men and women are women, he was banned for months.

It won’t be our first, and it certainly won’t be our last.

Stuff like this is why we count on our patrons and keep us afloat, and why this is ultimately a post about gratitude. We thank our supporters with a grateful heart. Your sacrifices for us slow the tide as we grow our audience across other platforms, readying for the day we are wiped off the platform in its entirety.


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Because JD gets banned in Facebook a lot, you can also find him on Twitter here And if you're into politics, check out Montana Daily Gazette. If you just want his sermons, check out his SermonAudio feed

14 thoughts on “Our Publisher Has Been Suspended From Facebook

    1. How is it rude to speak up for what one believes? Oh, I forgot. Only works if you are an intolerance, unloving, anti-diversity demon who says the exact opposite to the world. As I said in 2016 – those that scream for “tolerance” have shown themselves to be the most intolerant of them all.

  1. Facebook is a private company that could theoretically ban all men named Ben from the ages of 18-45 from the platform tomorrow if it felt like it. Deal with it.

    1. What if a social media company was created or if one of the other social media companies that already exist decided to ban people in all the woke categories? What do you think would happen then? So another words what you’re saying is that discrimination is OK as long as it comes from a certain point of view, which is anti-Christian? Why do you guys even read this blog anyway?

  2. Being banned by Facsistbook is a badge of honor – congratulations!
    Anyone desiring approval from a collective of godless, commie-wannabe dweebs has self-esteem issues.

    1. Right. 24 hours is nothing. I got three days for saying about a picture of that nut job Hogg in Florida “Only thing missing is a man bun. I’m so tired of wussy men.” 3 day ban. I did hard time. :0)

  3. Facebook is a private company and has a right to ban transphobic racist domestic terrorists. Also I called the FBI on this website. Hate speech is not free speech. 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    1. Literally you have to be the crazy one. If you called the FBI on hate speech. You remind me of that homosexual rights advocate that tried to murder my old boss at Chick Fila and did shoot a guard at the Family Research Council. How do you not know hate speech is not protected? You couldn’t make horror movies or write music with offensive lyrics otherwise? Also you might define hate very loosely. Not believing in the homosexual lifestyle is not hate. They probably don’t believe in hetero sex outside of marriage either.

      1. Their lives are (sadly) so fueled by demonic hate they can’t see straight. One day their eyes will be opened and it will be too late.

    2. Only a child of Satan calls Biblical Scripture or the defense thereof ‘hate speech.’ Seek professional help at the foot of the cross, dude.

    3. Sad your life is so pathetic you have nothing better to do. What about that peace, love, tolerance and diversity you people love to talk about???

  4. Thank you for speaking up. The left demanded that we take Bible verses and the Ten Commandments out of public view by insisting that we were forcing beliefs about the “imaginary sky fairy” and our “make believe friend” on others. Now corporations want to cram their virtue signaling on everyone else, their anti-science make believe ideas that men can turn into women if they just wish hard enough. Whose ideas are imaginary and make believe now?
    Supporting the lgbtq agenda is similar to enforcing mask wearing in this regard; both are a way to virtue signal for people with no actual virtue.

  5. Hate speech is free speech. Not saying anybody should engage in hate speech. But it is free speech. Only something saying i am going to kill this person is not protected speech. That is a threat. The Supreme Court has already dealt with this. Please know what you’re talking about

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