Defiance! Nearly 1000 Canadian Christians show up for Illegal Public Church Service

With thousands of churches shuttered and doing online service in a province that limits Church services to a mere 10-person capacity, irrespective of whether it is indoor or outdoor, a group of defiant church ministers put on a massive public service in the heart of their city, proclaiming that Christ is king over his church.

Pastors Nate Wright, Aaron Rock, Jacob Reaume, and Michael Thissen put on the service at 4:30 p.m., despite facing the threat of a $10,000 fine for organizers and $750 fine for any attendees. Trinity Bible Chapel pastor Jacob Reaume, whose own church has been shut down and locked up by the government, and who has amassed over $50,000,000 [yes, 50 Million] in fines, told True North News:

We decided on this because we have been prohibited from leading services in our church buildings and we desire to maintain a public witness to the glory of Christ.  We also believe that people will be blessed by singing together, by praying together, and by exchanging warm greetings with one another in that context.

Waterloo Regional Police and bylaw officers were on site, but did not arrest anyone.

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