TGC Author: Believing in ‘Big-Government Overreach’ Is a Denial of ‘Objective Reality’

A Gospel Coalition is at it again. Mere months ago a Gospel Coalition writer condemned the consumption of all news that isn’t intensely local, suggesting that doing otherwise is Gnosticism, gives a God-complex, has no value, and makes one hate their neighbor. They said “anti-masking is not a “conscience issue,” but instead is sinful “civil disobedience” and suggested boomers are sinfully being “radicalized into conspiracies” by Ben Shapiro and Fox News.

This time, in an article by Brett McCracken, he posits that the “biggest emerging fissure in Western culture is not necessarily between political left and right” but rather between those who are “fiercely committed to reality” and those who “elevate the narrative above reality.”

He goes on to lists some examples of some beliefs that do not have a “good faith commitment to reality” but rather are committed to an untrue narrative, noting that “no level of scientific consensus or statistics will cause them to rethink or at least complicate their narrative.”

  1. “Nanny state” big-government overreach
  2. Corrupt Big Pharma
  3. Encroachments on personal liberty
  4. Vaccines as government control

None of these things are happening, he argues. None of those things occurred in the last 15 months.

That’s all just a narrative and conspiracy theories, and by believing they have happened or will happen, these men and women are not living in the real world, but rather are merely “allowing their entrenched narratives and biases” to “take precedence over objective reality.”

Where are the people who live in light of the facts about reality more than their feelings about it? Where are those whose understanding of the world is shaped more by evidence and logic than by narratives and anger? Where these people exist, they’re the true radicals…”


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10 thoughts on “TGC Author: Believing in ‘Big-Government Overreach’ Is a Denial of ‘Objective Reality’

  1. A spirit of deception has indeed come upon our nation and the world, and he is being deceived through it, apparently.

    It would seem that the truth and reality of male and female being stood on it’s head, and large numbers falling for it, should cause people to realize that all the other cases of truth and reality being stood on it’s head by the same sources (the left, media, Dems) are all coming from the same demonic force. As this writer demonstrates, truth then becomes the lie and the lies become the truth in the minds of the deceived.

  2. The problem I have with Brett’s article is he decries “the narrative” but he never tells us “reality” is.

    There’s too many pseudo-intellectuals in this world who want to sound smart without being specific. They do this by creating a nuanced “third way” that sounds good at first but is never developed into anything substantive. This “third way” mentality often manifests itself as “the truth lies between two extremes” which when applied correctly can be useful in interpreting certain issues but it doesn’t account for the not-uncommon instances where one side/narrative is right and one side/narrative is wrong.

    Of course, if he actually stated what he thought the reality of the Nanny state big-government overreach, Corrupt Big Pharma, Encroachments on personal liberty, and Vaccines as government control were, he would have to get out of the comfortable “seat of the scoffers” he’s sitting in and subject himself to cross-examination.

  3. None of these are real. And you guys are fascist Nazis domestic terrorist deniers.

    We true evangelicals stand with 🇮🇱🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    1. …and you remain a godless, ignorant fool.
      Seek professional help and please stop referring to yourself as an ‘evangelical’ – you clearly are anything but.

  4. Funny, he forgot to mention men who believe they are really women trapped in men’s bodies as “allowing their entrenched narratives and biases” to “take precedence over objective reality.”

  5. Someone might want to remind these megalomaniac, self-professed, supremely-educated, science-worshiping know-it-alls that “scientific consensus [and] statistics” are often very wrong, if not intentionally manipulated, are nearly always inherently incomprehensive and thus inherently flawed, and have been used as a basis for some of the worst evils ever perpetrated by mankind – including the democide/genocide of hundreds of millions of people just in the past 100 years alone. Every single one of those deaths can be traced to wrong scientific consensus and flawed math – in many cases intentional, in some cases not.

    That is the undeniable, irrefutable, factual, historical, objective reality.

  6. This sounded like tgc is up to some pretty crazy stuff, so I went and read the article. I don’t take it at all as though he’s saying those narratives are false, but rather that we can fall into a trap of interpreting all events through those narratives. I wish he had the guts to list liberal narratives that are elevated beyond reality too. That’s a true failing of the article. But he’s clearly not saying there’s been no government overreach for example.

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