Tim Keller: The Church will Grow by Immigration Because White People are Too Secular

Tim Keller, founder of The Gospel Coalition and cultural Marxist extraordinaire, has a long history of saying awful, terrible things, such as when his church called for more same-sex intimacy in churches, said that if you have white skin, the bible says you’re involved in injustice, trashed the “Social Justice and the Gospel Statement,” endorsed the notion of a “gay Christian,” affirmed Christians have “liberty of conscience” to vote for pro-abortion Democrats, and explained that Christians will be purged from government and schools and that they brought it on themselves.

In fact, he’s usually so bad and distinctive in his wrongness, that we created a Tweet Generator about him.

In his latest theological gaffe, Keller spoke with The Gospel Coalition’s As In Heaven host, Jim Davis, explaining that the population is becoming “de-churched” and the church is shrinking on account of white people who are nominal Christians leaving the faith. This, he says, is the result of the church failing to handle sexuality, race, justice, and science (Keller is a theistic evolutionist) in a way that people can “connect with.”

Thankfully, whereas white folk are increasingly becoming more and more fallow soil, Keller explains that persons of color (POC) are the future, suggesting that that “non-white people” are “a lot less secular and a lot less individualistic than white people” and they are the fertile soil that will bring revival.

JIM DAVIS: Pre-COVID, 49 percent of our city was churched, 8 percent was never churched, and 43 percent is de-churched, so we consider this problem so significant that we’re going to devote the entire third season of our podcast on the de-church phenomenon. And as we have been studying what’s going on with the 43 percent who are currently de-churched, one of the common refrains that we’ve been hearing has been: evangelicals struggle to properly name racism as a problem and make steps towards justice and human flourishing. So here’s the two-part question: first, what role do discussions of race and justice play in de-churching, and second, how can churches shape people better in this conversation moving forward? So, Dr. Keller, I’ll start with you.

TIMOTHY KELLER: Well, there’s three issues that are we’re gonna have to be able to face and speak to well, because a lot of people are walking away for three reasons. One is how the church talks about sexuality, how it talks about justice and race, and how it talks about science. And all three of those, unless you give people cogent answers that are both, that they connect with their concerns and their rightful objections to the way the church has operated in every one of those areas, at the same time draws on our confessional orthodoxy, we are not going to make much progress. So all three of those things.

The way you say, what role is the justice, race thing, one of three, okay. And going forward, it means we have to change the way in which we do our own catechesis and our own doctrinal way of training people, because we actually do not tend to connect with biblical doctrines with cultural narratives, and so our people get co-opted by the cultural narratives. And that’s a long story.

Let me just say something encouraging kind of quick, is I believe that the de-churching thing will will bottom out in about 20 or 30 years, because, number one, immigration means that non-white people are a lot less secular, a lot less individualistic than white people and, therefore, they’re much more .

Secondly, you’ve got two kinds of religious people in the country. You’ve got nominal people and true believers, converted people. And what’s happening, of course, is the nominal people, they’re the ones that are leaving very quickly and shrinking, whereas the true believers retain their children better and they evangelize.

And so what’s going to happen is, as you might say, as a congress, as our culture becomes more multi-ethnic and as the nominal believers leave and we get down to the converted, you’re going to find that the church starting to grow back in many, many ways. So I would actually say that the secularization, the deconversion, is going to last for another couple of decades, but it’s going to bottom out. I say that by way of trying to encourage some people.

It doesn’t take long to see why this is problematic: First off, people aren’t leaving the church because it has an uncouth or non-winsome way of voicing their opposition to perverse sexual proclivities, but because they are unregenerate and have believed a false gospel. If they were genuinely concerned, they never would leave.

As far as the other part, all you have to do is reverse the skin color. @wokepreachertv, who provided the video and transcript, explains it thusly:

h/t to @wokepreachertv for the clip and the transcript. Everyone should follow him on TwitterGab, and YouTube.

[Editor’s note: Also, maybe the reason people are leaving the Keller camp is that they are tired of the woke, agenda-driven, anti-science garbage that Tim Keller spouts. Dude, if some one can write a tweet maker for you that makes it too difficult to tell if you actually wrote it, then you have become entirely readable and predictable. Tim, you have “jumped the shark.”]

2 thoughts on “Tim Keller: The Church will Grow by Immigration Because White People are Too Secular

  1. Self-imagined idiocy projected on Christ’s church – Keller’s going to have some ‘splainen to do at the judgment. Sucks to be him…

  2. Yeah – “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”!

    Or, here’s a Kellerism I just made up on the spot:

    “Western civilisation may be on the verge of collapse because the metropolitan communities have forgotten what it means to redistribute their neighbours’ goats milk”.

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