Greg Locke Claims ‘Political Elites’ Fake Vaccination, Get Injected with ‘Sugar Water’ Instead

Greg Locke, pastor of Global Vision Bible Church, is well known for his massive social media following and politically incorrect social media rants about politics and religion. 

Readers of Protestia will recognize him as the foul-mouthed, spouse-abusing-and-abandoning, small-time Tennessee pastor who notoriously divorced his wife of two decades and quickly married his secretary, claimed that “Mitch McConnell is being controlled by Illuminati hand signals,” threatened a Dunkin’ Donuts worker with kicking his teeth down his throat, and recently prophecied a massive false flag shooting was about to take place in America.

Now, Locke is passing off more conspiracy theories from his pulpit, berating any congregants as being on drugs if they believe that politicians took the vaccine rather than just placebo, according to Right Wing Watch.

Wound up and ready to spring, Locke also offers to write a religious objection for any congregants whose work requires them to get vaccinated, warning they’ll take legal action against them if they try, all those the raucous cheering and laughing of the crowd, reminiscent more of a political rally than a church service.

It is very, very theatrical.

I have not changed my stance. I haven’t softened my stance. I have strengthened, strictly my stance against the vaccine. It is not FDA arrpoved. I don’t care what Pfizer—I don’t care what any of the four groups do out there. 

Look…if you think for one minute that those political elites actually got that vaccination you are smoking meth in your mamma’s basement. A bunch of fake liars is they are. They didn’t shoot nothing into their arm but a bunch of sugar water.

Now look, I know some of you are like, ‘My goodness, what am I gonna – my boss told me that if I don’t get the vaccination that I’m going to lose my job,’ I can write you a religious exception and we will sue their stinking pants off! We will sue their pants off! This is America not China! This America!

They can keep their stinking sheep shot!

5 thoughts on “Greg Locke Claims ‘Political Elites’ Fake Vaccination, Get Injected with ‘Sugar Water’ Instead

  1. I personally have thought maybe they really didn’t get one, but a placebo, but I usually don’t go around saying it lol until now but that’s it

    1. I do think he is actually probably right about the injection. Knowing what I know about the injection from doctors and nurses who have been censored; I find it difficult to believe that the powerful politicians do not know it is not really a vaccine and that it was not accredited by the FDA . The creators of these “vaccines” freed themselves from any liability for negative health resulting from the injection. Who in their right mind would get the jab? IMHO ,the evil elite only want the ignorant public to do that! Agreeing with him on this does not mean I approve of him as a pastor.

  2. Locke’s personal life is in unrepentant sinful and he ought to not be pastor; however, I would not at all be surprised if he is correct here.

  3. Greg is Greg. But it is easy to throw out what he said because he is Greg, and ignore it for the truth it is. The vaccines are the train we are all being coerced to ride as we hurtle headlong into medical tyranny. They are poison. And it can be proven by anyone who has the mind to ignore the “Conspiracy theory” turn-off-your-mind slur and think critically.

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