Beth Moore Defends Preaching on Mother’s Day: ‘I’m a Mother and the Pastors are Not’

Ex-Southern Baptist Beth Moore, who has been busy going “to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it,” appeared on the Marty Duren podcast to have a conversation about her recent study on Galatians, along with the “current evangelical challenges.”

Chitchatting a bit about the study, and then about Trump and the Access Hollywood tapes and how they impacted her (more on that tomorrow), Moore shed light on the event that was the beginning of the end for her time in the SBC, explaining that she knew she was going to leave back in 2019, but that it took two years for her to make the final plunge.

It had to do with the brouhaha that erupted after Moore, while speaking to a friend nearly two years ago to the day, revealed that she too was preaching a sermon on Mother’s Day.

Moore explains what happened next:

It was like an atomic bomb dropped, and it was at the height, at the absolute height of the worst sexual abuse crisis in our entire SBC history. We’re right in the middle of it. And suddenly, the most important conversation – it was everywhere Marty. Everywhere you looked. Everyone was talking about it. I’m not just talking about hundreds of pastors.

Every now and then someone would tell me ‘it just a fringe thing.’


There was nothing fringe about it. Every kind of article. I was called everything under the sun. And what killed me, and I got to tell you – I can feel a lump in my throat even saying this to you – this was my world and these were my people.

They knew I was not after their pulpit. They knew that there has never been anything in me, never at any time, at any time, that had any ambition to be a senior pastor at a church, I’ve never been any kind of pastor at a church. I loved what I was called to do, and yet it became – my own home, my denomination that knew me, I had served their women, their women, they knew it. Ninety-eight percent of everything I had ever done out and about had been with women, and it was like ‘this is insane.’

And it was over Mother’s Day.

Moore, getting flustered by the theological hot flashes we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from her, makes the argument that it’s completely appropriate to preach on Mother’s Day. She claims the exemption on this one day because she is, after all, a mother, whereas the pastor preaching is not and has never been, thus giving her the necessary qualifications on account that “there is not a man on the earth standing at a pulpit who has ever been a mother.”

I need to tell you Marty because this is going to probably tell you as much about me as anything else. I spoke again last year on Mother’s Day, and I’m speaking again in a few weeks on Mother’s Day because by golly, there is nothing inappropriate about coming before a congregation and speaking to Mother’s Day and speaking to mothers when I promise you there is not a man on the earth standing at a pulpit who has ever been a mother.


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7 thoughts on “Beth Moore Defends Preaching on Mother’s Day: ‘I’m a Mother and the Pastors are Not’

  1. Even if Mother’s Day was in the Bible, or even if churches should preach based on the Hallmark calendar (they obviously shouldn’t), Moore still shouldn’t be in a pulpit.

    Beth whining about wanting to preach is one more reason she is unqualified to preach.

  2. It is very, very clear that the reason a woman wants to preach to men is for their own glory and not for the glory of the Lord God.

    Women can preach all that they wish – all they have to do is to take their Bible, go stand on a busy street corner, and start witnessing to people that walk by. That’s completely okay; however, that’s not good enough for women like Beth Moore. They desire the office to which they are never called and is denied them. This is how I know that they desire the office for their own glory, fame, and fortune.

    I read a great article not too long ago, written by a Godly woman, who asked the question “Is Beth Moore Possessed by a Demon” and honestly, I kinda think that she actually may be, along with the obvious demoniac Kenneth Copeland.

    May they both repent and turn to Christ before it is too late. Come to true, saving faith in Jesus, shut down your false ministries, and start returning money to those whom you took it from. If you do not…well, Hell will seem a paradise compared to the Lake of Fire that awaits you after the Great White Throne Judgment of the Lord.

  3. I’m convinced that the way “conservative” Christians make the focus of 1 Timothy 2:12 about who the woman is or isn’t teaching is a modern interpretation (probably invented by Wayne Grudem) and is a “loophole” for rebellious and disobedient women like Beth Moore to circumvent other passages like 1 Corinthians 14:34 and Titus 1:6.

    Also, I wonder if Beth Moore is as put out with Joe Biden sexually assaulting Tara Reade and her mother calling into Larry King Live on August 11, 1993 as she is with Donald Trump’s crude comments on a tabloid TV show?

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