Gov. Asa Hutchinson Quadruples Down On Chemical Castration for Kids and Genital Mutilation of Minors

Despite being murdered by Tucker Carlson on national TV for trying to argue during an interview that the chemical castration of children is a conservative virtue and function of limited government that must be protected, Governor Asa Hutchinson has no intention to intention of backing down, adding proverbial reinforcements and braces to the walls of the hole he’s digging himself in.

The Arkansas Governor came under fire last week after vetoing a bill brought before him that would have banned puberty blockers and transgender surgeries for children. The General Assembly was having none of his nonsense, however, and voted to override his veto, making theirs the first state in the country to prohibit these sorts of child abuse.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, a much friendly face than Carlson, Hutchinson quadrupled down on his insistence that his position is the right one. Referencing the vetoed bill he continued his shameful blathering.

It’s a conservative position to say that’s not the role of government. It is compassionate to say we care for all our young people whether they’re trans-youth or otherwise. We care for them and that’s the message of compassion and conservatism that we need to have as a party.

He says he isn’t bothered about Republican blowback to his position while demonstrating that he has no idea what limited government is.

Are we going to be a narrow party that expresses ourself in intolerant ways, or are we going to be a broad-based party that shows conservative principles but also compassion in dealing with issues that parents face, that individuals face? I’ve got to remind my wonderful Republican colleagues that we are the party of Ronald Reagan that believes in the role of limited government.

Sensing the question over why he has no issue signing some pro-life bills, which would violate his definition of “limited government,” Hutchinson struggles to explain:

Sure, I sign pro-life bills and I know there’s a role for government even in the social issues, but we fundamentally ask ourselves, ‘do we need to do this? Is there a better way? Is this something that we need to leave…in the home, or in the church, our faith leaders to handle? Is this calling out for a government solution?’ We’re fighting that in Washington, let’s fight it also in our state capitols and fight for the principles of our party.

When Tapper points out that he signed a bill banning trans athletes from competing in women’s sports, arguably far less deserving of government intervention, Hutchinson had no answer, dancing around the question while insisting that he’s just trying to be compassionate.

Thank goodness he’s term-limited and will be out in a year and a half. What an embarrassment.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Asa Hutchinson Quadruples Down On Chemical Castration for Kids and Genital Mutilation of Minors

  1. This man is a fool. His actions show him as being unworthy of representing conservative voters.

  2. Good article, also remember that the Judaized practice of infant circumcision is genital mutilation that should be banned too. Promoted by the same bunch that invented trannyism.

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