Embattled Prophet Jeremiah Johnson Shuts Down Ministry, Starts New One with ‘End-times’ Focus

Weeks after suspending his ministry after being “visited by the Lord in a very significant way” – prophet Jeremiah Johnson has officially shuttered his ministry page, Facebook page, social media accounts, and deleted all its content from his website, announcing that he is starting a new one in its place.

The move comes as the result of some soul searching by Johnson after he publicly apologized for falsely prophesying that Trump would win a second term. The charismatic brothers did not respond well to this confession, with some sending him death threats. As a result, his funding also dryed up. He explained back in January:

I have received multiple death threats and thousands upon thousands of emails from Christians saying the nastiest and most vulgar things I have ever heard toward my family and ministry. I have been labeled a coward, sellout, a traitor to the Holy Spirit, and cussed out at least 500 times. We have lost ministry partners every hour and counting.

In fact, Jeremiah was in the middle of a series called I was Wrong when he went on hiatus. One video at last count had over 150k views, 3.5k comments, 3k upvotes, and 1.1k downvotes, with Johnson noting that 90% of the comments were negative. That’s from just one of the videos in the series.

Clearly, the charismatics don’t like it when their own leaders apologizes for false prophecies.

In a move that does not bode well, however, he has formed a new ministry called The Altar Global, an eschatologically themed endeavor designed to “prepare for the return of Christ,” explaining that “Our mission according to Revelation 22:17 is to help prepare the Bride of Christ for the return of our glorious Bridegroom King Jesus. We have been instructed to prepare an Altar for the Wedding day.”

Johnson explained that this was not a rebranding, but a whole shift in focus, particularly with no more political prophecies.

I am not discouraged nor am I drawing back from my calling. Quite the opposite. I feel God is launching me, my family, and our ministry team further into His purpose for us. In response to God’s gracious correction, refinement, and empowerment, I’m choosing to refocus my gaze upon Jesus and the eternal realities of His Kingdom like never before.

For many years, I offered commentary on various political and world events. But now, I am shifting my attention to the preparation of the Bride for the return of our Bridegroom. I will be turning my attention away from social media in order to focus on what God requires of me. Yet I am thrilled to commission our incredible staff to run with, ‘The Altar Global’ on social media…

This is not a name or brand change but rather a complete shift of our ministry’s identity and focus. It requires a gigantic leap of faith for our team to embrace this mandate from God. We are hopeful, terrified and excited about what God is leading us into. Our vision and mission according to Revelation 22:17 is to help prepare the global bride of Christ for the return of our glorious bridegroom, King Jesus. We have been instructed to build an altar to help this generation get ready for the great wedding day,

Along with the new ministry, they are offering a one-year program that people can attend to receive “training from Jeremiah Johnson and other instructors on the lifestyle of an end-time messenger and the return of the Lord.”

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