User Kicked off Tik-Tok, Labeled Transphobic For Promoting ‘Super Straight’ Sexual Orientation

A Ticktock user has allegedly been banned from the platform, publicly doxed, had his parents harassed at their workplace by activists, and labeled as a super-duper transphobic hater for saying that some people are not attracted to transexuals and transgendered individuals.

Kyle Royce got the ball rolling on Tiktok when he released a video defending himself against of accusations of being transphobic because he will not date another man who calls himself a woman.

Yo, guys, I made a new sexuality now, actually. It’s called ‘super straight,’ OK? Since straight people or straight men as myself I get called transphobic because I wouldn’t date a trans woman.

 “You know, they’re like, ‘Would you date a trans woman?’ I’m like ‘No.’ ‘Why? That’s a female.’ ‘Uh, no, like, that’s not a real woman to me. Like, I want a real woman.’ ‘No, you’re just transphobic.’”

“So now, I’m super straight. I only date the opposite gender — women — that are born women. So, you can’t say I’m transphobic now because that’s just my sexuality, you know?”

You would have thunk he’d kidnapped Jazz Jennings and beat him to death with a Bible containing a MAGA bookmark for all the vitriol he received online.

Naturally, this act of sane rationality brought out the “REEEEEEEEEEEEE” from transactivists, who alternated between rocking back in forth in the corner of their room and pounding out outraged vitriol on their keyboards, barely able to even process the possibility of a ‘cisgender person having an exclusive sexual interest in another cisgender person.”

With the transgendered movement having a renaissance of evil these past few years, activists have gone from asking for tolerance to be left alone and not discriminated against, to demanding under threat of public shaming and loss of employment that their sexual perversion and confusion must be celebrated by all. In today’s modern era, even suggesting for a moment that a transgendered woman isn’t exactly the same in every way possible as a cisgender woman, even if that transgendered individual has not taken any steps at all to transition, will get you lynched.

In Gayland, if you’re a man, and you see another man who looks like man but says they are a woman, then they are a woman. And if you point out that they still have a penis, they will say that it’s not a man’s penis, but it’s a women’s penis, and how dare you not love their beautiful womanly bits.

According to tEh ScIEnCe, the fact that they have a deep voice, scruffy faces, bulging biceps, and male genitalia is completely irrelevant to what your sexual attraction must be towards them. If you wouldn’t consider them in your dating pool, you’re transphobic and need to get re-educated. Case closed.

As a result of seeing #superstraight trending and the potential for a lot of overweight men and women with purple hair going ‘Super Saiyan’ with their wrath and offense, the ne’er-do-well’s at 4Chan had some mischief in mind, immediately jumping on the bandwagon to making posters, memes and art, all using the PornHub color pallet.

Naturally, with the campaign itself being labeled taboo by all the usual suspects, some have accused it of originating in the alt-right and Nazi-message boards, claiming that the Super Straight has the S.S. acronyms-which allegedly stands for Schutzstaffel, the military wing of the Nazi Party. There is, however, no evidence of this that we’ve seen.

Given that acknowledging a world where someone is indeed #superstraight would put a lie to their own worldview, it is expected that if this campaign picks up steam, the big tech companies will ban anyone promoting it.

Consequently, it is likely not long for this world.

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  1. The movement is developing quickly. Superstraight USA tried to set up funding for a Canadian Women’s Shelter (one apparently attacked by transactivists) and their $7000 was blocked by Gofundme.
    Quote: Super Straight U.S.A.
    Our #VancouverRapeReliefFundraiser has officially been shut down by gofundme #BoycottGoFundMe #GoFundMeSupportsViolenceAgainstSupers

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