Disgraced Pastor Greg Locke Prophecies ‘Massive False Flag’ Shooting

A giant false flag shooting is about to take place – a mass casualty event that will give the Biden administration the emotional leverage it needs to radically curtail gun rights, according to a well-known pastor provocateur.

Greg Locke, pastor of Global Vision Bible Church is well known for his massive social media following and politically incorrect social media rants about politics and religion. 

Readers of Protestia will recognize him as the foul-mouthed, spouse-abusing, small-time Tennessee pastor who notoriously divorced his wife of two decades and quickly married his secretary, claimed that “Mitch McConnell is being controlled by Illuminati hand signals,” ranted about never wearing a mask despite photographic evidence to the contrary, and threatened a Dunkin Donut worker with kicking his teeth down his throat.

Having not learned his lesson after saying mere weeks before Biden was inaugurated that Trump would “100 percent remain president of the United States for another term,” Greg has gone off again with a new round of prophecies.

A “false flag” event is an attack where the true source of responsibility is concealed, with the intent of pinning it on someone else. An example of this might be the Gleiwitz incident, where in 1939 a bunch of Nazis posed as Polish soldiers and attacked a radio station, which was then used as a justification to invade Poland the next day.

Locke has not provided any further detail since then, about when it will take place, who will do the shooting, or where it will happen. Requests for clarification comments have gone unanswered. Naturally, because social media is by default an unseemly if mildly amusing place, people been tagging @FBI with his tweet, with one user summarizing the mockery that has overwhelmed his account.


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8 thoughts on “Disgraced Pastor Greg Locke Prophecies ‘Massive False Flag’ Shooting

  1. Prophecying an upcoming mass shooting these days is about as edgy as predicting a coming tornado or gasoline price hike.

  2. Could the Capitol incident in early January after Trump’s speech a mile and a half away be a modern-day Gleiwitz incident in our country that the Democrats have milked to the extreme? They give themselves away in those efforts, don’t they?

  3. So ruthseeker, are you saying Jan. 6th was not right wing treason and sedition? In reality, the only thing the Democrats are doing is allowing the anti-American Republican Party to continue lying and downplaying what the entire world saw. And what we saw was hundreds of delusional right wingers larping an overthrow of the government and rubbing feces on the Capitol walls. And getting people killed. No, if you want to know who was milking what, please think back to the previous summer and the protests over police brutality. Not only did the cops react to the protests with even more violence, it was the president and his ball lickers on Fox News that were playing up the peaceful protests as violent riots intent on destroying white suburbanites. By the way, the majority of arrests and the majority of violence was not Black Lives Matter or Antifa, it was far right opportunists and boogaloo boys and other lowlifes. And occasionally, a suburban white person. It was just another in the long line of things Fox News told elderly white people to fear: migrant caravan, BLM, Antifa, Satanic blood drinking pedos, critical race theory, removing anti-American statues honoring Southern traitors to the Republic, vaccines, imaginary vaccine passports, forced masking, forced abortions, remember when Uncle Joe took away God? And your guns. Since I was a child (I’m well in my 40s), they’ve been on the way to get the guns but never quite make it. Not to mention Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Islamic State, Nuclear Iran (Iran has been five years away from developing the bomb since I was five years old), North Korea, Sharia Law, pornography, gambling, and universal healthcare. That’s called milking it and Republicans are masters of milk.

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